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Still Spotting

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Is anyone else still spotting after giving birth. DD2 will be 7 wks on Thursday. I think I bled for 2 weeks, then I have been having spotting off and on since then. At first I thought AF was coming back around 4 weeks, but it just turned out as spotting.

I am spotting red, not brown.

Melissa S.
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Same here. Dd is a month old and the heaviest bleeding ended by 1.5/2 weeks, but I've been very lightly spotting since then. It's red also (the color never really changed, the amount just lessened).
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I think I did get my period at 4 weeks. I had PMS and my discharge changed. It was a light flow and bright red. I've been PMSey every since. I still have a bit of spotting too but I think it's all gone. I'm not BFing though. I had a super quick recovery after L&D so there was a definite change. I knew when regular bleeding from having the baby stopped and getting my period did. I was pretty thin for post partum one day and blew right back up again. Crazy, Crazy hormones.
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i just stopped spotting at the end of last week(almost 6 wks), now it this watery brownish discharge that keeps me in liners (sorry for the tmi.) 2 wks PP and the brown blood spotting stopped basically, and then i started on with red until just now. the change and reemergence at 2wks coincided with me getting up and moving around again.

when i had my c/s with dd1 i bled for a lot less time. i wonder why?
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My DD will be 7 weeks this thursday too..I was heavily bleeding until just last week now im spotting I had a c section...
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I just stopped spotting at 7 weeks and a bit. So it has been a week of no liners or pads *phew*.

With DS it was 6 weeks.
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