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Quick help with cover letter

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I am applying for a freelance writing position in a small local independent newspaper. I was thrilled to see their ad today! They stated that they do not require previous freelance reporting experience which is good since I have none - lol. I do have experience writing for AC and Suite, as some of you know, but the writing style is so different from that in a newspaper. I'm not worried about that. I can do that part of it for sure.

I have to submit my resume and 3 articles, which is all no problem. But, what do I write in the cover letter? They want an e-mail, so it would be a little less formal than an actual cover letter. What do I say? I am submitting 3 of my Suite articles and I want to somehow convey that this writing style is specifically for the web and that I can easily switch over to a more newspaper-type style.

Help! I want to send the e-mail out tonight.

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Basics in the cover letter I was taught to include:

- where you heard about the position
- your specific skills that would make you an ideal candidate
- your experience (here you could detail that the examples provided come from the web and reflect that

Something like:

I read your posting for a freelance writer in Wednesday's edition (or whatever). I am keenly interested in joining your staff.

While writing as a Content Producer at AC and Suite..., I researched, drafted, and edited columns on a wide variety of topics... yadda yadda yadda While webwriting requires a special set of writing skills as you can read in my submissions, I can easily adapt my writing style to accommodate print writing.

Does that help?
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Thanks! It did help. It's been years since I had written a cover letter and I was drawing a complete blank. I just sent the e-mail.

I actually ended up sending two Suite articles and one AC article (one of my older ones, before I knew about optimizing for web searches). The AC article is about breastfeeding, it's well researched and fleshed out a lot more than most of my other articles. It's the article I'm most proud of. So, now my fingers are crossed that I hear from them.

Kind of bad timing since the baby is due next month, but we'll see what happens. I'm hoping that they will hire me and just give me a few assignments a month to start. I think it will involve going to town board meetings, school functions and things of that nature. No matter what, I would LOVE to do it. I could be the babywearing, breastfeeding reporter sitting at a town board meeting taking notes.
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lol Good for you! So when are you due? How is the pregnancy going?

Glad it helped too.
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