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Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

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So for those of you who sleep with your baby some or all of the time - is it just me, or do you find that your newborn has the ability to wiggle towards you throughout the night, prompting you to keep moving over and over and eventually fall off the bed? (or, in my case, crush your other child as you try to give your newborn space)

It didn't happen the first two weeks, but ever since then I've been attacked from both sides by children. I refer to myself as the filling in the human sandwich that is our lives.

It's amazing to me how much they can move when they seem so helpless.
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so far, sheamas isn't doing this although i stay pretty close to him. megh always had scooted right up to me...i can't recall when she started it though...if it was when she was newly born or where in infancy. she still does this to me. i get soooo hot. i'm probably in for it i'm sure. mama sandwich time. i just get up and crank the A/C now in the dead of winter.
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Yes! Delilah somehow ends up perfectly center in the bed with DH and I sharing one side. We definitely didn't fall asleep like that!
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I just commented on this to dh last night! How do they do it?! Most of the time I have Caleb snuggled right up to me so he's on his side facing me. But sometimes I just need to *not* be touched and so I put him next to me but not touching. Within minutes, he's touching me again! Argh!
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wren is the wriggliest, squirmiest baby i've ever met. she starts off curled up next to me on her side so i don't have this exact experience, but i do know that she spends about 20 minutes before she wakes up just wriggling and rolling around -- she's like her papa and doesn't like to just wake up. she also wriggles , rolls, punches, and kicks (happily) when she's trying to latch on in the sidelying position and i'm always like, "dude, so counterproductive!" because it takes her a lot longer to latch on, obviously.

she was way active in the womb too. she was constantly arching her back and popping out her butt, and she does that 2897289728972 times a day out in the world too.
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Rylan does this too! Its just him and me in bed (dh is with ds1 in his room usually) so I have enough room. I usually find that what he's looking for is to get closer to the boob!
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