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And the hits just keep coming...

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I had another ultrasound scheduled for this morning. Please note, past tense.

This was to be the last u/s I would consent to for this pregnancy. I don't want them measuring the baby and then getting scared that he's a big boy and I shouldn't be allowed a trial of labor blah blah blah. I agreed to this one because at my 19 week u/s, the doctor couldn't see into the heart clearly, and baby boy was positioned in such a way that it left a lot of doubt as to whether he's really a boy, or if it was the umbilical cord.

My DH has been sick the last few days; he tried to go to the medical clinic yesterday, and was not allowed to see a doctor - he was told to go in this morning at 8 am. We knew it would be a tight squeeze, because my u/s was at 10 am, but he's been really sick, so he went in at 8 this morning.

Yesterday, they wouldn't even check his temperature. Today, they listened to his heart, and "something" is wrong with it. They wouldn't let him leave the clinic to come get me, insisting that he stay there for an EKG and also call Landstuhl, which is where the major medical emergencies go.

So here I am, freaking out because a) "something" is up with my husband's heart; b) I've had to cancel this ultrasound which is another hassle altogether,c ) today is grocery day and I just had to feed my daughter half a scrambled egg and some tater tots for breakfast because we literally have NOTHING else, and d) I have no idea when I'm going to hear back from my husband about his EKG and whether I can get the car to go to the effing grocery store.

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Sure hope everything is ok! Hang in there and I'll be wishing positive thoughts for your husband!!
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well he's home for the day, upstairs sleeping.

Apparently his aorta kind've flutters? during the heartbeat, which could either be an early sign of a hereditary heart condition, or a sign that he's in really good shape? I don't know. He has to have a cardiology consult.

He did get my ultrasound rescheduled for Monday, so at least I don't have to deal with that hassle, and since he's home, I have the car so I can go grocery shopping.
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wow.. glad your Dh is home and okay!
and you got your u/s rescheduled... awesome!

sounds like things are turning around. and hopefully you'll have time to make it to the grocery store today!
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very good to hear your dh is ok. That must have been really scary!
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Oh, you must have been so worried about your dh.
I hope you get nothing but lots of good news from here on in. And lots of yummy groceries.
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Well we had his cardiology consult today...and don't know much more than we did two days ago.

They did a 45 min ultrasound on his heart; the tech couldn't tell him anything but did say that he saw an abnormality. So...DH is going in to the clinic on Monday, and hopefully the results will be in! He has been instructed not to do anything that would raise his heart rate in the mean time.

In other news...Monday is my rescheduled ultrasound; Tuesday I'm going to go shopping for a maternity coat cause I officially can't button mine over the belly; Wednesday, Dh is supposed to have his wisdom teeth pulled, my psych eval is Thursday (calling to reschedule that!), and I think Friday we get to relax.
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Wow, busy mama! Wishing well for your DH!
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I hope your weekend is uneventful and that Monday and Tuesday go well with the US and your dh's heart.

Just thought I'd mention, but I was just at Target and they had some really cute coats and some in the regular section that might also work well because of the "swing" shape. Happy shopping
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Thanks, but we're in Germany...no Target!
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Where abouts? I have spent LOTS of time in Germany, most of my family lives there, as well as the Czech Republic.
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Darmstadt, moving to Wiesbaden soon.
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I've been to Wiesbaden.

I spent a few months in Germany in 11th grade in a foreign exchange program. In Schneverdingen, cute little town.
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Just checking here...does your dh's cardiologist know he's getting his wisdom teeth out?

Good luck with everything you have going on.
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I'll make sure he mentions it on Monday.
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Well, we finally got answers regarding DH's heart.

He has a bicuspid aortic valve. Good side - it's not immediately life-threatening, and may never become life-threatening. He needs to maintain an active lifestyle, and has also been advised to stop eating red meat. (Can you say cheaper groceries?!?!?!) He might need to have surgery to replace the valve in 10 years or so.

Bad side - it is hereditary, and can also be found on my side of the family, so we need to start watching our kids' hearts a little more closely, since they're getting a double whammy of the gene. It's not a major cause for concern, just something we need to be aware of, and need to make sure they're aware of. Further bad side - it's not serious enough for DH to get out of the Army early.
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Hugs to you! I'm sure this has been so scary!
So glad to hear you have the information needed to help your husband, and that it can be controlled with some lifestyle changes.: (Had to try this new smiley).
The good news for your children is that you can get them on the best path for their hearts early on.
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ANOTHER update that he forgot to mention over the phone - he has mild aortic stenosis...so he definitely WILL need valve replacement surgery, it's just a question of when. At this point, there's nothing to be done to resolve the damage, we can only slow the progression.
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I'm sorry to hear he'll need surgery.
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