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Thanks for the thread. I don't watch commercials and really didn't know specifically what the movie was about other than everyone talking about how supposedly great it was for months. Now I know to avoid it.
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Awww! My poor thread... I was really hoping to highlight/focus on the awesome soundtrack that features an amazing MDC mama.

Kimya.... Corbin still talks about singing with you in Austin. It was his "best day"! We think about you often.
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Originally Posted by isulari View Post
Awww! My poor thread... I was really hoping to highlight/focus on the awesome soundtrack that features an amazing MDC mama.

Kimya.... Corbin still talks about singing with you in Austin. It was his "best day"! We think about you often.
Don't worry Mama! You jut tell sweet Corbin
hi for me!!!
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Originally Posted by KaraBoo View Post

Also, when I was in high school and later became a teen mom at 19, no one I knew or heard of put their baby up for adoption. I thought it was refreshing to see adoption as a viable option in a film. I thought it nice to see that a person could choose to put their baby up for adoption and not be portrayed as a "bad" person.
Yes. In my high school years (i graduated in 2000), mothers were expected to keep their babies. If they knew they were too young/too immature/wanted to go off to college and decided to give the baby up for adoption, those reasons were painted as "selfish" (and unfortunately so). Very interesting that others here find it opposite.

And i totally loved the movie Off to see about the sound track....
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Absolutely wonderful movie! I laughed, I cried and I enjoyed every second of it! Great soundtrack too!
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Originally Posted by bri276 View Post

Then he ruined everything by saying it was giving permission for her to have sex if they "let" her go on birth control after the baby was born.
OT, but the mother felt like birth control was permission. He pushed to get this girl on the pill, which was the right thing.

As for "encouraging" a teen to keeping her baby, or any other alternative, is unfair. I think they should have all their options explained to them, and then THEY make the decision, sans "encouragement."

I couldn't see Juno since I'm too much of a sap and it will make me cry for days. But I think the reason it was such a smash is that people relate to it.
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The movie was great but I enjoy the soundtrack on an almost daily basis. It hasn't left my car since the day I bought it. And I drive A LOT
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I also loved the movie and the soundtrack Thanks Kimya!!
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My DH just "made" me buy the soundtrack because he's annoyed that I've had the movie on repeat since we bought it, just for the music...

It was a cute movie. I cried during the scene where Juno meets Vanessa and whatshisname, and Juno told Vanessa she was lucky it wasn't her - the look on Vanessa's face was just so heartbreaking.
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Coming in late, but I just watched it last night!! I am one of these people that, if you hear hype about a movie--I dont watch it, but I got sucked in and LOVED IT! Cried of course, a LOT, loved the soundtrack, and the girl, well, she reminds me of me a lot. Dh hated it, but thats dh for ya
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I am a birthmother, and my nearly 14 y/o DD that I gave for adoption is obsessed with this movie to the point that her buddies have nicknamed her Juno.

I haven't seen it yet, but I look forward to seeing it to get some insight into what she's thinking. I'm pretty sure I won't get through it without a lot of tissue though.
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Originally Posted by Summertime Mommy View Post
I watched it last night, I kind of figured I wouldn't like it, and I was right. I think as a former teen mom, it kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I am not saying that there weren't some really great parts, but overall I was left feeling like the movie made teen pregnancy seem like something that isn't that big of a deal. It was like, yeah, it sucks that she got pregnant and had to deal with a pregnancy, but then the baby was born, given away and life went back to normal. That just doesn't seem like real life to me, and it is definately not a message I would want my daughter to get from the film.
I kind of skipped through the thread, reading posts here & there, and this one stuck out for me. I saw Juno, when it came out, with my two teens - B (16) and G (14). We all loved it for any number of different reasons. But both of my kids walked out of the theater with a better understanding of just how big "a deal" a teen pregnancy is. We went out to dinner afterwards, and they had a lot of thoughts about how hard it must have been for Juno to give her baby up, how it was the right choice for her, how it must have affected her afterwards (even if it didn't seem so at the end), how sad that Bleeker really had no say in the matter and how he had no one to lean on during what must have been an emotionally difficult time.

So.... the message it sends may have a lot to do with how you address it with your daughter.
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Been listening to the soundtrack all week
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haven't made it through this enormous thread, but so glad to figure out who did the soundtrack and that it's an mdc mama; Kimya you rock.

i had mixed feelings about some of the plot of the movie but the best movies get me thinking..,Juno is still one of my all time favorite movies, because it's so darned funny, because it shows an empowered teenager making her own decisions, and because Ellen Page is just amazing amazing amazing.
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I liked the movie but had mixed feelings about it, like most of the op's here.
The main character looked like she was 20 and talked like she was 30.
Allison Janney was superb as the stepmom.
And I like anything that Michael Cera does!
The soundtrack is awesome, I'm buying is a.s.a.p.
And so neat that Kimya is a MDC mama. You make beautiful music!
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I really enjoyed the movie, and the soundtrack was amazing, so cool that it's an MDC mama!

Jason Batemans' character totally creeped me out, and when they were talking about the previous attempt to adopt that didn't work out, I immediately wondered if he sabbatoged it in some way, either by putting the moves on the woman or in some other way. He did not seem like somebody who was really wanting a family.

It saddened me that Bleeker didn't seem to have a good enough relationship with his folks to be able to be honest with them and say he got a girl pregnant and he needed support. But I also got the feeling that he was more ashamed than anything because his mother didn't approve of Juno and he just didn't have the balls to stand up for her.

I was really glad with the ending, especially that they didn't use the baby to magically fix a failing marriage.

To those who were turned off by the end showing Juno seeming carefree riding her bike like nothing happened, sometimes normalcy is how people get over things. To me it showed that she believed that she made the right decision and was happy with it knowing that Vanessa was going to do a great job loving and raising the baby. I don't think I would have liked it so much if it had been her moping and sobbing, I would have thought that she had regrets. The ending just went to point that Juno did everything her way and was glad with her decision.
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OT, but the mother felt like birth control was permission. He pushed to get this girl on the pill, which was the right thing.
I specifically remember this- the parents were waffling on the pill issue, and Dr. Phil said something like "it is implying permission to continue to have sex" if they allow her to go on bc. He may have changed his position later, but he did say that. anyways, I completely disagree that it was wrong for her, 16 yrs old and a mother, to be having sex in the first place, but that's another discussion...

end of ot!
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This is by far my FAVORITE movie and soundtrack right now. I saw it 2x in the theater and way more than that now that I own it. I loved the humor! I really enjoy listening to my 4 year old sing the sound track
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Saw Juno last night with my lil sis who is home from the UK and we LOVED IT!!! I was singing Kimya's songs for hours this morning.
I have to admit, I was skeptical about the movie before we watched it (I've heard from numerous sources that the dialogue was ridiculous and the plot unbelieveable...but that was all BS! lol My dh, sister and I were laughing out loud at pork sword and other hilarious Junoisms, and then crying when the baby was born and at the end. Seriously, I love Love LOVE this film. And I'm so buying Kimya's music!
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