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A clerk at my local favorite Mexican restaurant just recommended this movie to me tonight. He RAVED about it. I was interested and now that I know an MDC mama is involved, Well!! I can't pass it up.
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We're going to see it this weekend
That Kimya's a beautiful lady!
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I just bought the soundtrack on iTunes!!! Kimya, you rock. I told dh about you and he was VERY impressed. He kept saying, "An MDC mom? That's SO awesome."
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my husband met the writer at a conference last fall. loves her name (a stage name)--Diablo Cody. it's a great name.

of course, you don't want to name a child Diablo. they'll get a complex.
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Originally Posted by zoebird View Post
my husband met the writer at a conference last fall. loves her name (a stage name)--Diablo Cody. it's a great name.

of course, you don't want to name a child Diablo. they'll get a complex.
Haha! I had that exact thought when the credits were rolling - "Diablo. Awesome name. Don't think I could name a kid that, though."
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She posts on a gossip/celeb site I visit and she is truly a cool chick! I'm very happy for her success.

And I'm pissed that this movie will likely not even come to Prague. Boo!
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I'm going to see it tonight at 10:55. I'll share my thoughts tomorrow.
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I am so in love with this movie and Kimya The turn of phrase in both Kimya's songs on the soundtrack of this movie and throughout the dialogue is just amazing!
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i loved this movie its my new fav one
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This is my new fav, as well. The dialogue is amazing. I want to be Juno in my next life as a teenager (sans the pregnancy)

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It was super awesome.
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I just saw this movie Saturday night with dh. I loved this movie, I mean love loved it.
I thought the dialogue was so witty and smart.
I did not see this thread before I went to the movie.
But the whole time during the movie I found myself listening really hard to the music thru out it,which I don't usually do the first time seeing a movie. I was so impressed that the lyrics in the music were as witty and smart as the movie's dialogue. It was such a great fit.
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Best movie I have seen in the last two years!

I was bawling my eyes out and trying not to let anyone see. It was awesome to hear what Juno's dad said to her after she had given birth to her baby.

Just an amazing story. But definitely a trigger for some. Same situation happened to someone I know but I really think she would love this kind of movie. I have to warn her for sure.

Also, I think if my sister sees it she should wait for video. She had an abortion awhile back so I think it could stir up some feelings she hasn't yet come to terms with. Again, could be a trigger.

It was a trigger ffor me because I struggled with infertility. I was truly happy at how it ended. I was crossing my fingers for that ending the whole time.
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Can someone either post a spoiler or pm me about this? My 12 yo ds wants to see this but as I had him at a very young age, I don't want us to be blindsided. We are really open with him about my pregnancy, but still, I want to be prepared.

Thanks in advance!
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I loved that movie!
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Just saw it with friends last night. It was wonderful and I've been thinking about it all day today. I really loved the ending and how it was handled. The three of us were in tears (2 of us are pregnant, though, so tears come easily).
I want to see it again.

Eclipse - are there particular details/questions about the plot you want to know? Or mainly the ending?
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I want to see it too. How appropriate is it for children? What ages? I know its pg13 but for me that doesnt say awhole lot.
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I want to go see this movie with some coworkers for a "girls night out". However, one of my coworkers that I want to see it with was a teen mom. However, she was a deliberate teen mom (her and her husband were dating, her mom didn't approve, they tried to get pregnant for a year so that they could legally get married, she was 14 or 15 at the time. They are still very happily married 25 years later.) so would it not be a trigger for a woman who planned a teen pregnancy???
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It might be a very slight trigger for a teen mom, but not much. Juno's really sweet step-mom took care of that issue at the ultrasound
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I wanted to make sure they didn't portray teen pregnancy in a totally, completely negative way. Such as "Your only options are adoption or termination!"

My 12 yo ds was born when I was 16 and it always hurts him a bit to see movies/tv shows where a teenager gets pregnant and her life is ruined by it. He always comes to me afterwards and we have the whole "you weren't a planned pregnancy but you have been the best surprise of my life and I would never have it any other way" talk. Also, his bio father has just contacted us about possibly meeting ds, so he is already going through alot at the moment. I am wondering if we should just skip it.
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