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These things come in threes, right? :(

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Even poopier update in post #36, I beleive. UGh.

I took a second job to try and make a little money for Christmas gifts. I was due to be paid on December 7th. It wasn't a lot of money, but at least it was going to put SOMETHING under the tree for the kids. I actually spent a lot of unpaid time travelling to and from this job, jumping through hoops for them, meticulously going over payroll information and all required forms to make sure they were filled out correctly and on time. I sent them a void check so they could pay me via direct deposit, to avoid any "christmas rush" delays with my pay.

I just got an email.

Due to "a delay in processing paperwork", I've been moved to the next pay period. I will receive my pay AFTER Christmas.

I had a bit of a freakout moment, cried, and then emailed them back to explain why this wasn't acceptable. I have not received a response back.

But right now, at this moment, I have nothing to give my kids for Christmas, for the first time. And it sucks. It really really sucks a lot worse than I thought it was going to. I can't even afford fabric right now to finish up the few gifts I was making for them. Was going to buy it this weekend after my pay came in. Now I won't be seeing any pay until December 30th. I honestly don't know what to do. Do you think the kids are young enough (2 and 4) that we could maybe delay Christmas a week and they wouldn't notice?
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That's just horrible. I think having Christmas a week late is fine, if that's what you have to do.
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I definately think you can delay Christmas. We've done it before when money was short. Really, they aren't going to care and at that age, they may not even notice. But if they do, you can always tell them that Santa (if you do Santa) is taking a bit longer for them so that he can make them something reallllllly special.
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That sucks! I'm so sorry.

I honestly think you could delay Christmas. I mean, think of all the families who delay Christmas because someone has to be out of town for Christmas?

In fact, in my family my dh almost ALWAYS has to work on a holiday so we will do things like celebrate Thanksgiving on Friday or whatever. Yeah, not exactly the same thing, but still.

Maybe with the 4yo you could explain a little about why you need to do this, but the 2 yo won't care.

Maybe you could apply to be a FIN? I think there are still a few spots!
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They probably are young enough, but it really sucks that you have to even be thinking that. It's just awful.

Is it too late to get on Toys for Tots, or to put your name in at your church for some little things?

Is there anyway to pick up some fast cash, say by shoveling some snow (if you have any), babysitting, or driving someone housebound to an appointment?
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I actually checked Toys for Tots yesterday, and am nearly 2 weeks late for the deadline, so that's out. I am doing searches for local organizations that may still have room on a list of some kind. But I feel like such a bum, doing this. I don't want to take from somebody that's needier...if that makes sense. (Is needier a word? That just looks wrong!) I mean, it's not a necessity. It's Christmas gifts! I just feel so horrible, because both of the kids have been looking so forward to it, and know all about it, and have been dutifully moving down their advent calendar each day.

I am on the FIN list this year, but don't want to count on it because I know that there are just sooo many people that needed help this year.

I still have a few more days of this second job to do. But am obviously past their early December pay period. So any money I make henceforth will be either lumped into the Dec 30th payment....or early January. My "real job" pays me once a month, last day of the month, so obviously that doesn't help me out, either. I asked them earlier in the month if there was any possibility of getting the pay early this year, and was literally laughed at. Bummer.

This is just so frustrating.
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That truely sucks. My suggestion would be go to freecycle. I am always putting toys or clothes that are in very good used condition for someone else to use. I also see people ask for any giftable toys for their children, and then thank you's a day or so later. It's worth a shot if there is one in your area.
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I think your kids are little enough to not care if you do the holiday a week late. Maybe celebrate it twice- once on the actual date and then again a week later for gift giving?
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Do you think the kids are young enough (2 and 4) that we could maybe delay Christmas a week and they wouldn't notice?
Yes, I think they're young enough. And I'm so sorry. Hang in there, mama!
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I think they are young enough to push the celebration back a week.
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we actually do xmas late on purpose.....everything is on sale the week after xmas

We celebrate the end of a year together and the start of a new year, more than anything...so the exact day doesn't matter.

This year there is no way we can do xmas in December this year, but the kids really don't mind (of course i have weird kids... )

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That is really heartless of them, super Scrooges. Your kids will be so delighted to celebrate whenever you are ready to. They are so flexible at that age! All they really want is you playing with them with whatever anyway! Money's tight for us this year,too, and I'm amazed at how much free holiday cheer there is out there. Less stressful than shopping, actually. I'd rather not have money problems, but it's nice just observing and not madly scrambling.
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I PM'd you...
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I pm'd you too mama
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Twelve Days of Christmas....just stretch it to January 6, with fun things that don't cost money. It'll be ok.

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Maybe it was just a delay because of the direct deposit and you can still get your check?!? I would go in and talk to whoever is in charge of payroll....don't freak out yet! There is still hope!
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Huge for you. I'm going through something similar right now with finding out that my check that was supposed to arrive last Friday won't get to me until at least the 19th...if it doesn't get lost in the mail again.

I know that horrible feeling that you're probably experiencing....except there is a slight chance I'll get mine before xmas.

Pm'ing you.
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Having an HR background - here is what I would do. I would politely march my butt down to the HR/payroll office and sit down with whoever is in charge. They cannot legally delay your paycheck. If they screwed up with the direct deposit - then they have to cut you a check. They can't just pay you on the next pay period.
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I'm sorry this happens to you. I hope things will look up soon.
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