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There is yet another pro-vax article circulating on the Reuters and AP services today. Same old thing: warnings that since some people are refusing or delaying vax, many, many of us are going to DIE!!! What the heck is going on here? Are the vax makers losing money or something? There seems to be at least one of these articles on my health watch service every week. They are clearly not "news" articles, rather they are obvious "info/public service/propoganda" peices. This one lists the recommended schedule of vaccines. I know it was a lot, but I was shocked to see that it includes 21 shots before age 18 months! The number of total vaccines, if you count the combined shots like DTP, is close to forty before age 18 months. Yikes!!! Why don't more people find that scary?! I am sure my baby (due in November) will not be vaxed. We have rampant asthma, allergies and diabetes in my family. Maybe my daughter can avoid them. People are way too complacent, and these articles encourage it.