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I hate to start a review thread with a downer, but here we go...

I ordered a dipe and two covers from Laura at Starbunz and was not satisfied with the quality of these items for the following reasons:

- fold-over elastic sewn erratically, with gaps under the elastic in some places
- black pen on applique (turned out to be washable, but I did not expect it to arrive this way)
- use of strange pilly fabric on part of applique
- pet hair on items
- fleece binding on diaper erratically sewn

I decided to keep one item that was in acceptable condition, even if it wasn't as lovely as I had hoped, and I contacted Laura about the other two items. To Laura's credit, she was very eager to make things right and she replaced the binding on both items and also included a new bonus doubler. The diaper and cover were still not excellent workMOMship, in my opinion, but they were greatly improved.

So - good customer service, mediocre or possibly just inconsistent workMOMship. I have heard a lot of Starbunz raves but won't order again, because I feel that there are lots of WAHMs who do better work for less $$.
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Starbunz Wool Pull on Cover

I bought one of these in size large. It is very small fitting, it appears to be a small. IT also looks like underwear so the sides are very thin like underwear would be and do not cover any of my diapers. I think it would be great as a swim diaper but it is wool so it seems it would not be so great.....kwim? Anyway I am not pleased with this purchase at all because it is so small and not like a cover at all, more like a pair of undies.

I was given a refund for the cover from the person who wholesaled it
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i have 2 starbunz fleece AIOS and a fitted diaper made of sherpa. the fitted diaper was the first WAHM diaper i ever bought, and it has held up really well.
the AIOs are my dd's absolute favorite diapers. she asks for them every time.
we had a problem with the binding on the tiger coming loose, due to a loose bobbin thread, and she fixed him up immediately and even offered to pay for the return shipping.
i plan to order another AIO with our next paycheck -- the zebra! i think these are so cute and fun and so does my bambina.
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we have just added the panda and the zebra AIOS to our stash.
as pleased as i have been with the tiger and the hippo, i am even more delighted with these. the zebra is so soft! i have a hard time believing he is a diaper and not a blanket. as soon as i opened the package, my daughter demanded we remove her existing diaper and put the zebra on!
my husband loves these, too, because he "understands how to work them!" :LOL
we've never had a leak or a wick with these, and i am having a hard time resisting the urge to get a bunch more since she is using the potty more and more these days.
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My experience was almost identical to Jess's, except I din't have an appliqued item or a fleece bound item. Everything else I could have written.
Also, the training pant I got was lined in fleece and that fleece was very repellant. I had to cut slits in it so the pee could get through to the soaker. I also thought it was supposed to be made with hemp, but it was made with sherpa or something. I may have just misunderstood, can't remember.
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I have a Windpro fleece cover from Starbunz, and I really like it. It runs a bit small, DS is wearing the large comfortably at 17 pounds.
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Laura has told me that she had tested out some of her diapers and changed the fleece she uses, so they should not repell when new anymore. She also offered to send me a replacement for the item I reviewed above. I will give a review of the new item when I receive it!
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Well, I have mixed feelings about the wool cover I got from Starbunz. I bought it at auction and I paid very little or I would have returned it for sure.

It is oddly sewn, not great craftwahmship at all. I feel like there were good intentions but maybe just lack of skill coupled with sloppy work. It is mishapen and one side is larger than the other which causes it to gape. Also, there was some pet hair on it which doesn't bother me because I have Great Danes so I understand how that goes but I could see how it could bother others.

Here are pics of the cover and my dd wearing it:




The elastic in the back is uneven and the leg elastic work is not great. The front of the cover is very uneven in the rise. I kept the cover because it looks cute on and it is functional, the wool is pretty soft and it works well. But also because I could not sell it ot an MDC mama because of the poor quality of the work.
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love love love these diapers!
The quality, comfort and down right cuteness are second to none. After a brief collaboration with apprentice sewers, Laura is once again in FULL control of production. The diapers are better than ever. The animal styles are classic and they have converted many mothers down the path of crunchiness! Me included. I have never had a leak problem with starbunz. As a matter of fact, I have mistakenly left my child in the diaper too long only to find that she still felt dry. These things hold like the Hoover dam. My daughter has been self teaching the potty because she does not want to wet her beautiful diaper. Laura makes pull ups, AIO,Pocket dipes, covers, wool you name it.
Starbunz ROCK!!! Elyice

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Laura sent a Lion Pocket diaper as a replacement for the item I reviewed above. She included a sherpa insert that was a second, as well! It may be a second, but whatever is wrong with it is not obvious.
The pocket diaper is well sewn and absolutely adorable. My son trys to hug it when it is on him!
I asked for one that would be suitable for night diapering (there is a day and night version), and so far, have not experienced any leaking or problems with it. The fleece inside does not repell like it did with my other item, but it is a little thicker than microfleece, it seems. Much softer/plusher, but also a little bulkier. So far, no problem with it, though.
I asked for a large, as I usually do, even though my son is a little too small for most larges. Most larges start around 20 lbs, and since Caden is 18 lbs and long and skinny for his age (3rd percentile in weight, but 75th in height) and should be putting on weight very soon (he's a bit too thin and we are trying to plump him up!), I usually get things in a large for him and they swim/droop on him and I deal with it. But this fits him VERY well, so I'd say they may run a little smaller than most other larges. The rise is not as high as most and the legs and waist fit him perfectly on the tightest settings. It's like it was custom made for him! It's nice to have a diaper that actually fits my boy with room to grow without hanging off of him! So if you have a skinny kid, you may love the sizing on these. If you have a chunk, though, you may want to email her for help choosing a size, or size up.
I had none of the problems I had with my other order. I will actually probably get another one of these if I ever feel I need a new pocket diaper. The fit really has me hooked.
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I ordered a Medium starbunz fleece nighttime diaper. I needed something with airflow for nigh to clear up a rash. When it arrived the diaper was in great order but it was made in the wrong size. it was a large and I needed a medium. After I emailed her she sent me the corrct size and allowed me to keep the large for free! I was happy with the outcome.
The diapers are 6 months old now and are holding up great. They have never leaked. They are a little on the bulky side (he can wear them under some clothes) but they were designed for overnight anyways. I would buy them again. I plan on passing them to my brother, who has a baby on the way. I have no doubt that they will hold up.
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I love these diaper!

We have four so far: the monkey, the panda, the dog, and the bear. They are my dd's favorite diaper. She loves to wear them and pulls up her dresses to show people her diaper. I get so many comments on how cute they are and where did I get them. The quality is wonderful and the customer service is great. I have not had any leaking or problems with them and they held in her runny poop which was amazing because all my other diapers couldn't keep it in. I am ordering more as soon as I get enough money.
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I love Laura diapers! They are so adorable and so nicely made! Laura is also super to work with. She's super friendly and responds promptly to emails.
I own about a dozen of her dipes
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I love our Starbunz and plan on getting more! My son has 3 larges - one I call "tarzan" (Laura nicknamed him in it first ), a lion, and a two-tone fleece (orange and yellow ... gorgeous!) - and 1 x-large nighttime aio with a froggy on the bum. They are all well made, super soft, and never wick. I have used the two-toned at night as a cover over a toddler ipf with a doubler (mind you this is a large and my son weighs about 22 lbs), and it closes on the tightest snaps, fits perfectly, doesn't leave any red marks, and kept the bed dry all night! I'd highly recommend Starbunz aios/envelopes and covers.
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I also LOVE these dipes. We have 3 different varities: the nighttime system in a bear, a pocket style with a beautiful iris on it and a few of the windpro/hemp AIO in the fruit styles. The work wonderfully and I've never had a leak in the nighttime one. At night I do use the doubler it comes with plus a cottonbabies mf insert. The nighttime dipe is too bulky for any of her PJ's to fit over it, but since she sleeps with us she's warm enough in just a dipe and tee. The other diapers are by no means "trim", but I didn't expect them to be either. So no jeans on days she wears these! I cannot wait for summer when she can wear these outside with just a tee. I need to stay away from Laura's store for awhile. These are a piece of art.
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I only have one cover, but I love it! I have a blue puppy PUL lined cover and its the best cover I've tried so far. They do seem to run small (my ds is almost too big for the small and he's about 10lbs right now). No leaks so far and they're so much cuter and trimmer than any other covers we have. I really don't like how much bulk most other covers add, but these keep him looking slimmed down.
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I have ten animals ( pockets)that I got second hand and LOVE them, my fav is the green puppy with NO pul, LOVE it, never a leak or prob.
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we have the leopard aio and the covers. the leopard aio in is rather cute with the tail, but it is mediocre in absorbency. they feel damp on the fleece edges and after washing several times it has held the detergent and leaves a red rash on my babes skin. the covers don't stay snapped over the diaper and the sewing isn't the best.
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We have one blue puppy that we ADORED. It's leak proof and adorable. Unfortunately, two snaps have come off, which we reattached ourselves.

Getting 2 more soon for the new babes stash.
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