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I think I'm out....

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yesterday I felt sharp cramping, and had some bright red blood...enough for a bright red splotch in my undies...

I went to a walk in clinic because we are new in town and don't have a doctor or midwife yet.

He said he saw bloody show.

I put in a pad, but haven't seen any more significant spotting.

I have an appointment with a potential midwife next week...maybe I'll keep it just to make sure that miscarriage is complete.

When is the earliest you could hear a heartbeat?

I'm at 5wks, 5 days,

pray for us,
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Awww. charlene I am praying for you. Not a lot of significant blood might be a good sign? I've heard of some women getting a full blown period while pg. Keep us posted.
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Does a DIB (Doc In The Box) know what 'bloody show' is? :

Hang in there, mama. It happens often, don't give up hope...even if you don't hear a HB for several weeks...
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I think you still have a good possibility of still being pregnant. That does not sound like enough blood/tissue to be a M/C. You have been pregnant long enough to have accumulated more than a normal period worth of blood and tissue so I would surly go to your MWs appointment
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I had bright red bleeding with my first. So much so that I thought I was having a period and I had no idea I was pg. It came and went for the first 4 months of my pregnancy. The OB said it was probably a vessel on my cervix that was aggravated by the pg and bleeding. Everything was fine with the baby despite it.
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I bled very heavy with my first , at 5 weeks, 5 days. So I went in for an ultrasound, vaginally and saw the heart beating. They were surprised to see the heart, but it was there and beating and really put my mind to rest.

Most mamas I know bleed like a period early on in their pregnancy and are fine!!
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thank you for the support.

...if it was "just" the blood, I wouldn't be nearly as concerned as I am...

those were very sharp pains...

still feeling twinges today.

...don't know if I should hope or not...feeling kind of 'all over the place' today...from mourning to hoping.

I'm putting my faith in God that he will take care of us as he sees fit.

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He could have been burrowing in really, really well, mama. Hang in there.
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I will pray for you and the babe.
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I have had two miscarriages and one stillbirth at 19 weeks. That amount of blood definitely does not mean you have lost the baby. With both of my early miscarriages, it was blood followed by a lot of cramping that did not ease up until I passed a large clot. You will know if it is the baby. You are far enough along for it to be fairly large. Hopefully they will give you a transvag ultrasound to see. I know just using the doppler, they can't hear a heartbeat until about 11 weeks.

Hugs to you. I know how you feel, but DO NOT lose hope.
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Not in your DDC, but just wanted to let you know that this happened to me twice when pg with DD. First time was just before 6 weeks (and we couldnt hear a heartbeat) and then again at 8-9 weeks.

Looking back, I think the cramping was a combination of stress and gas.

Im hoping for the best for you! I know how scarey that it.
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I'm thinking of you, I really hope it works out for you
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I had a day of spotting last week, and the once this week. Come to find out, I was prego. I think it was implantation bleeding, which I hear is fairly common and not much to worry about. You'll be ok. You just stay on that doc!
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praying for you charlene
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I hope your baby is ok.
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thank you all so much...your support means the world!

...went to the walk in clinic today...still no more bleeding, and the cramping has stopped.

I have a 'prescription' to call an ultrasound clinic and make an appointment. I'm going to call FIRST THING on Monday...this is very stressful.

...not daring to hope, but thank you for your supportive words and stories,
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I am so sorry - it is so scary to love these little tiny humans so much!

I am praying for you... Keep us posted and stay strong!
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similar situation with my first babe...had 2 full blown af's and was on the pill! didn't know i was 8 weeks pg.. he was born just fine.. the sharp pain you described sounds more like stretching pains. i really am hoping your babe was just burrowing in...hang in there and keep us updated!
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fingers crossed for you! Good luck Monday. I hope it works out.
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