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Meal Plan (2nd week of december)

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Saturday - seared tuna steaks, Israeli cous cous & roasted cauliflower

Sunday - eating at my in laws - brisket & latkes

Monday - soup - not sure what - I was thinking kreplach w/ veggies in it

Tuesday - 7 layer dip and blue tortilla chips

Wednesday - eggplant and lamb sausage stew with either brown rice or quinoa in it

Thursday - hommade ravioli & salad. I have mushrooms to use up so they'll be in the filling I guess

Friday - either shnitzel with sweet potato fries or whole roasted chicken with baked sweet potatoes (if I can get a whole chicken at the supermarket - we keep kosher and sometimes my market has them and sometimes they don't)
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I'm going to stop planning for certain days, because I never stick to it.

For breakfasts, we'll be having banana crumb muffins & chocolate chip pumpkin bread (both from scratch), and I'm also going to make bacon quiche tarts one morning.

Lunches will be leftovers or sandwiches.

Here are our dinners for the week:
-honey pork chops, corn on the cob, broccoli, rolls
-chicken & dumplings, steamed carrots, lima beans, cornbread
-chicken parmigiana, stewed squash, garlic bread
-cream cheese pancakes & bacon
-English muffin pizzas
-leftover chicken & dumplings one night
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Yummmm... cream chz pancakes!!! recipe please!!

Dinners for the week:
- chicken fajitas with lots of peppers and onions, sour cream, steamed corn tortillas
- gussied up spaghetti (add garlic, onion, zucchini, carrots, spinach, tofu, oregano, red pepper to jarred sauce)
- steak, green beans, sweet potatoes, garlic bread (bulking up on iron getting ready for AF!!)
- orange marinated talapia and buttermilk smashed red potatoes
- crock pot grains

My DH's aunt is coming to town. I'm sure we will eat out one night. Leftovers otherwise.

Thanks for posting ladies!! It makes meal planning much more fun to see what everyone else eats!
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Cream Cheese Pancakes

2 eggs
5 tsp. all-purpose flour
1 1/2 tsp. sugar
1 tsp. butter
8 oz. cream cheese, softened

Lightly beat eggs in large bowl. Add softened cream cheese, flour, sugar, and butter. Mix until well combined. (Mix will be slightly chunky.) Cook like regular pancakes, dropping by teaspoonfuls onto hot skillet/griddle.

I dust mine with powdered sugar when they're done, but this is an unnecessary and unhealthy step.
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ahh thanks for the reminder, i haven't started planning next week yet! soup is sounding good though, any suggestions for a good one?
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need clarification

Originally Posted by becoming View Post
5 tsp. all-purpose flour
1 1/2 tsp. sugar
1 tsp. butter
these are teaspoons (tsp.) or Tablespoons (Tbs.)?

Thank you so much for posting the recipe. I have my niece on Saturday - I bet she would like these!!
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Teaspoons. I hope your niece likes them!
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I also never stick to my plan for days of the week so I'm just planning a few good meals and we'll eat them whenever. This week it's
chicken enchiladas
beef stew

Everything is defrosting now so I can do some prep ahead of time.
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Andrea can I come over and eat??????????

I really need to get back on the ball with meal planning. Lately my idea of cooking is boiling pasta and mixing cottage cheese in it :
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Monday - out
Tuesday - soup and sandwiches
Wednesday - potato pancakes and eggs
Thursday - out
Friday - out
Saturday - out
Sunday - ham and potato soup that I'm not making this week

Our plan is bad this week with doc appts, Christmas programs and my bday.
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OK here is what I have planned. I didn't do days of the week this week because hopefully I'm having a baby.

Fish (whatever looks good, possible homemade fish sticks), Broccoli, Carrots
Creamy Ranch Pork Chops, Rice, Peas & Applesauce for desert
Baked Potato Soup, Salad, Biscuits (2 nights)
BBQ Chicken (2 nights - 1 night will be sandwiches w/ baked fries)

The last night will be something with pasta, I have a bunch of it. I'm looking for a good vegetarian pasta recipe if anyone has one.
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Originally Posted by RachelEve14 View Post
Andrea can I come over and eat??????????
no actually *I* want to come over to *your* house!!

I'll cook:
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I just went through the kitchen and wrote down everything we have and I made up a meal plan for this week that will use it all up. Feeling proud of myself right now.

breakfast every morning is fruit for DH, nothing for me
the lunches I've planned are the ones that I pack for DH to take to work. I just scrounge whatever is around the house.

Mon (today):
lunch: chef salad
dinner: baked pasta with fresh veg and leftover sausage (I make pasta really infrequently, and I use low-carb pasta when I do make it); the veg I have in the house today is cherry tomatoes, green beans, and cauliflower so I guess that's what's going in there!

lunch: broiled chicken breast and salad
dinner: bison burgers, cole slaw made with red cabbage and jicama, and sweet potato oven fries

lunch: leftover bison burgers and salad
dinner: chicken strips "breaded" in almond flour, pumpkin bake, green beans

lunch: broiled chicken breast and salad
dinner: al pastor meat, pumpkin/kale enchiladas using leftover pumpkin (and some stale old corn tortillas I have lying around, heh)

lunch: leftover al pastor meat, salad
dinner: out

lunch: fruit salad and bacon
dinner: leftover chicken/veg soup from the freezer

lunch: cheesesteak meat and salad
dinner: bbq beef brisket and some kind of frozen green veg
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I am about to go grocery shopping so I thought I might as well add my menu this week -

Tonight - Chili (grassfed ground beef, tomato, spices, garlic, beans, & other whatnots)

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday -

Spaghetti, Roast Chicken, Chicken & Dumplings (cause I had to read this thread and got all inspired. lol!), Beans & Quonia.
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what's al pastor meat??:
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It's a way to prepare pork and it's deeeeeeeeeelicious. You usually find it at more authentic mexican restaurants as one of the options for taco meat. Here is the recipe I'm gonna follow (copiously tweaked to use what I have on hand): http://www.latimes.com/features/food...headlines-food
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mon/today: butternut squash ravioli, sage cream sauce
tues: something w/ asparagus
Wed: spaghetti 2/ meat sauce & roasted green beans
Thurs:chicken soup w/ toretllini
Fri: going out for ethiopian food for lunch, I don't plan on making dinner
Sat: "christmas" dinner at moms, fish, kielbasy, pierogies, potatoe salad, meatballs, cranberry almond cake, choc chip cookies, forgot devliled eggs:
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I thought I would jump in.....:

grilled turkey burgers
baked tater tots
steamed corn on cob

lemon pepper chicken
mashed potatoes
green beans
honey wheat rolls

Spicy Posole Soup
Mexican Cornbread

Skillet Lasagna
brussel sprouts
garlic bread

homemade mac and cheese
sauteed veggies

beef roast in slow cooker(with root veggies)

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how do you make lasagna in the skillet?? :
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Originally Posted by flminivanmama View Post
how do you make lasagna in the skillet?? :

I use this recipe from Betty Crocker.com---


Hope it is ok to post the link.

My dc love this. I use homemade sauce, but it is good with jarred as well.

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