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This is really scary

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All Nuclear Power Plants Must Be Shut Down Now

By Jonathan Campbell

The attack on the WTC and Pentagon on September 11 revealed to us that what nuclear critics have been saying all along was true. For as long as nuclear power has been in existence, opponents of this technology (myself included) have been saying that nuclear power generating stations were easy targets for terrorism. We asserted, nervously, that the only way to make nuclear plants safe from terrorist attack was to live in a police state and to make each plant an armed garrison.

The need for constant cooling of the reactor core, and the complexity of the plumbing system needed to feed the core with water (or inert gas, in gas-cooled reactors), were difficult and error-prone enough in peacetime. A minor slip-up in maintenance procedures, a broken valve, a diesel generator that won’t start, any of these minor problems could easily escalate to a catastrophic reactor core failure.

I dont know if it's too early to talk conspiracy theories with this big power outage. Do you think it's possible that the power grid was intentionally shut down to avoid a bigger problem?
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Niagara Mohawk, the company who controls the area that lost power, is not a nuclear power plant. It generates power using the force of water going over Niagara Falls. I have tons of relatives living in that area, and the word is that a lightening strike in Niagara Falls is what caused the power outage.
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The canadians were blaming the whole thing on a fire at a nuclear plant in Pennsylvania. The media have reported about a half dozen different possible causes at this point. I dont believe most of what the media says. Read between the lines, that's where the truth is.

If the power grid is destablized, then all the nuclear power plants that are connected into that grid are at an increased risk of possible core reactor failure. It doesnt matter what started the chain reaction that caused the blackout. Read the article i posted. It's scary as hell. There's still a huge risk now that something could go wrong with the nuclear plants.

**sending positive energy and white light to the people in the areas around nuclear sites**
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