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almost 12 weeks and NOT feeling more energetic?

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I get a weekly newsletter from Babycenter (I know, it is totally mainstream, but having done this already I don't flip out about their advice). That said, I do have one question. Even the Dr. Sears pregnancy book says that as you near your second trimester you should start feeling more energetic. I am as exhausted as ever. Do you think I need my iron checked? I know it has been normal as of two months ago.

Anyway, anyone else not feeling super energetic yet? I remember never getting that burst of energy with my dd, so maybe I just don't get the superwoman thing when I am pregnant?

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Me too!

I was just about to post something like "there should be a thread for still exhausted mamas", because I certainly don't feel great. I think I'm about 11 weeks or so, and I'm still waiting for that amazing 2nd trimester energy boost. I have had bursts of energy, especially when DH called to say he'd passed out on the bus on the way to work, but aside from that, I'm wondering what the heck is wrong with me. Before getting pregnant, I had this silly mental image of myself as a superwoman while pregnant--you know, exercising and eating healthy, and being somehow "full of life"...Honestly, I'm nothing like that.

I feel your exhaustion!
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It's funny, with both of my previous pregnancies, it was like a switch flipped at 12 weeks and I felt INSTANTLY better. With this pregnancy, I have SLOWLY felt better. I would say that I feel "pretty good" now...and I'm almost 15 weeks. At 12 weeks I still was having some nausea. I've had friends who don't feel better until 18-20 weeks. Everyone is different

Still, I hope you both feel better soon!!! Now I'm loving every kind of food I can get my hands on
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I feel like a BLOB!!

I can't wait for some more energy!
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Not feeling energetic here. Also still crazy with the morning sickness. You know, everyone told me I'd feel more energetic after 12 weeks with my daughter, too. But honestly, I never did. The whole time I was pregnant with my daughter I was exhausted. I felt more energetic after 20 hours of labor, 3 hours of pushing and a C/S than I ever did during pregnancy.
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Well I'm feeling more sane (as in my fog is not in the 100% morning sickness mode anymore), but energy? Eh, not so much.

I never nest OR get a burst of energy so maybe I'm weird like that. I think it's a more gradual thing for me (both feeling better and energy wise) where eventually I get back to feeling partially-normal, but otherwise, "burst" is definitely overrating what happens to me.
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14, almost 15 weeks here, and just SLOWLY starting to feel better.

I need to feel better, cause I have lots to get done
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I'm 12 weeks and just starting to feel a little better, not back to regular just yet though, still pretty tired!
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no energy here either at 13 weeks.
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I'm almost 12 wks. I have good parts of the days and less than steller. Overall, it's better this week than it has been since about 6 wks. but I did expect to feel more energetic/less queasy by now. It usually let's go around 10 wks. for me. Not this time. My mw called around 6 pm the other night and I was taking a nap! I told her it's not usually like this for me. Then she reminded me that this IS my 4th so I'm dealing with alot more than I usually am. There's alot more going on in my house than ever really. I'm really worried about my fatigue level because I was having trouble keeping up before pregnancy. I have no idea how I'm going to do it now.

I've considered anemia. I have low iron anyway. But I don't really think that's it. I'm just plain worn out I think.

I have enjoy 2-3 meals this week so that's a positive. It's been 5-6 wks. since I enjoyed the taste of anything!
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