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Help~My DD Only Catnaps!

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My dd is 3 1/2 mo. old and early on, we have had difficulties w/naps. I remember my ds napping for 2-3 hrs. at a time, but she will only catnap for 20 min. to 1/2 hr. and will then wake up. I lay down w/her for her to fall asleep or she will nap in the sling. I try to run into the room when I hear her waking to get her back to sleep w/nursing, but it usually doesn't work. Today, she has had only 3 - 20 min. naps and its now 8:30 and I know she is tired, but won't sleep. She is teething too and I feel so bad for her.

Any wisdom???


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I started to have a similar problem with ds when he was about the same age. Up until 3 or 3 1/2 months he napped like a champ: 2 1/2 hours at a time! Then he started napping 40 minutes at the longest. What I've fround that works for us is something suggested to me here at MDC: white noise near where he is sleeping. I used the window air conditioner on the fan setting. He now sleeps AT LEAST an hour at a stretch twice a day. He's a much happier baby. Another mom in my moms group uses a CD of ocean waves for the same reason. Hope this helps!
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Same is true for my dd. I wouldn't worry about her not getting enough rest. Unless she seems really unhappy. Just curious, does she wake up crying or happy?
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Thanks for your input! She will wake up crying and 1/2 of the time, if I try to nurse her back to sleep, she will slurp a bit and then will pop her eyes open and give me a big milky grin! Other times, she is unhappy.

We do have a sound machine in our room and its on all the time, or I will leave the t.v. on.

Thanks again~

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I seem to remember reading somewhere that tv has a stimulating effect, even when you are sleeping. You might want to try turning it off and just using the fan.

I also wanted to mention that my Samantha slept the same until about a month ago. Now she has three naps a day for 2 hours, one hour and one hour respectively. It took until she was five months old to get that schedual so there is still hope of a long stretch for you.

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My 3 1/2 month old does this, too.

I even try to just hold her while she is sleeping because she used to sleep great when we held her. No go. Still 20-30 minutes, and if I am really lucky, maybe 45.

But, the positive here is she sleeps GREAT at night. She still wakes up (just barely) to eat every 4-5 hours, but she falls asleep between 8-9, usually, and doesn't wake up for good again till 9 or so the next day. No trying to play in the middle of the night, and if I pick her up quick enough, she doesn't even open her eyes.

The white noise will sometimes work, but not always. I just chalk it up to having a very alert, nosey (smart?) baby.
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Thanks for the continued input. I will remember that about the t.v.! Well, this afternoon we napped together on the couch for an hour!!! But your stories are giving me hope. Its also nice to know that you aren't alone.

Much Thanks~

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My son did this until he was 18 months old! I'm sure that's not encouraging! He was never a good napper, the longest nap he ever took was maybe an hour but usually 30 minutes until he was 18 months. Then he just started napping well. Now at 32 months he takes a 1.5-2 hour nap every afternoon. Olivia on the other hand is a pretty good napper. She will nap 1-2 hours in the morning and 1-2 hours in the afternoon. It is a nice change!
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Gosh, both of mine never slept for more than an hour and a half at 12 mos. And I remember my ds napping for 30 minutes tops in the swing at 9 mos. DD usually slept better as a baby than ds--1 hr at an earlier age than 12 mos. I just cant beieve what it must be like to have two hours of nap!
I also just chalk it up to inteligence. i read that somewhere and it consoled me---Cause man those days of 20 minute naps were tough!
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My DD has been doing this since she was 4 months old. It seems like she will only sleep for more than 20 minutes if she is in the sling or I lie down to nap with her, which I can't always do. Some days are really difficult, b/c I can't get anything done.

But she also sleeps great at night. I guess between the two, I'd much rather her sleep at night...but those little catnaps can make for some pretty long days.
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