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Thank you and candle lighting

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I want to first express my deepest gratitude and love to you all. In the hospital last week I had my mil print your responses to my post on Bryce. On Bryce's last day I curled up around him. The social worker read your responses out loud to me. Your thoughts and prayers lulled me to sleep. Thank you for those moments of healing in my darkest hours.

I also wanted to share this with you

Hi everyone-
Thanks for all of your encouragement and support. It
means the world to Michael and me. Here's something
very simple we can all do to remember not only Bryce
but every child who has been lost.

Candy and Michael

> Friends - just a reminder of a special event:
> 2007 Worldwide Candle Lighting

> Held annually the second Sunday in December, this
> year December 9, The
> Compassionate Friends Worldwide Candle Lighting
> unites family and friends
> around the globe in lighting candles for one hour to
> honor and remember
> children who have died at any age from any cause. As
> candles are lit at 7
> p.m. local time, hundreds of thousands of persons
> commemorate and honor
> children in a way that transcends all ethnic,
> cultural, religious, and
> political boundaries.
> The Worldwide Candle Lighting is a gift from The
> Compassionate Friends to
> the bereavement community allowing us all to join
> together in unity to
> remember and honor the memories of all children so
> they may never be
> forgotten.
> Believed to be the largest mass candle lighting on
> the globe, the Worldwide
> Candle Lighting creates a virtual 24-hour wave of
> light as it moves from
> time zone to time zone. Hundreds of formal candle
> lighting events are held
> and thousands of informal candle lightings are
> conducted in homes as
> families gather in quiet remembrance of special
> children to always be
> remembered.
>Michael and I welcome you to join us and
> our family in this
> remembrance by lighting a candle, as we will be
> doing, at 7pm wherever you
> are in the world. In this season of love and joy we
> honor our little boy,
> Bryson, on this day - and all children who have
> died, and send out our love
> to all families everywhere who have the care of our
> most precious gifts -
> the children.
> Take care,
Candy and Michael

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Oh Candy... I cry for you each day. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Of course, I will be lighting a candle for Bryce tomorrow, in memory of his very special life.

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I think about you, Michael and Bryce every day. You are so strong.

For your sweet angel.
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Thank you so much for posting this.

We will be lighting candles tomorrow night.
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Absolutely, I'll do it.

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I will also be lighting a candle, and I will forward this on to everyone on my e-mail list immediately. What a precious, still moment you have to remember from Bryce's last day here on Earth....you were a magnificient mommy to him and you've embraced him with so much love as he had to leave this world.
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thank you.

I will be lighting a candle in memory tonight.
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I am lighting a candle right now. In memory of Bryce.
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We lit our candle last night. And have lit them again this morning.

Candy, please know you and Michael and Bryson are in my thoughts and prayers. I think of you all many, many, many times throughout my day and I offer a prayer in your names each time, praying for peace and strength and love on this staggering, heartbreaking journey. I am so sorry.

Baby Bryce has left an amazing legacy. Such a precious soul he is.

Much love to you Candy.
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Candy - my DP and I think of your family lots with love & strength. We will be lighting our candle too.
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