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Actually, we are planning to take the door off,a nd I am going to hang beads, but at the top of the stairs. Great minds think alike

Thanks for permission on the basket We don't have a home phone. I have tried using it for penils, but because it is just a bit too big, lots of other things end up in there and steal my joy. I would put toothpaste and supplies in it, but my kids are very messy about toothpaste

Melissa, my dogs are little too!! Dachshunds. Lucy isn't a diva, just a know-it-all-and-doesn't-approve-of-any-of-it!
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OK, now I have some good news and bad news that I didn't want to get lost in the last post.

Good news~ I have found a location for the fish! The little table came down from upstairs and is now in front of the front room window. I took many many steps to figure it out. Our floors are very uneven, so the fish have the very really chance of tipping over in spots. Also, we enjoy our fish, and if they are in front of the couch (instead of in the corner of the kitchen, which was the other alternative) we will be able to watch them and enjoy them.
OK, question on that. The table is unfinished. It would look fab if I stained it the color of the other furniture in the room. I am torn between taking the time to do it now and just putting the fish on it, continuing on, and staining later. Thoughts?

Ok, now the bad news~I am crashing at my desk! I have so much stuff and can't figure out where to put it. I want less furniture by my desk. I will take pics in just a minute
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Ok, here is the big picture. I swapped and put the shoe shelf next to my desk. smaller footprint. I am going to get a gingham curtain for the front of it to hide the stuff

The desk, I still have to go through the pile next to the riser. Most of it probably doesn't belong here. But where does it go?

The shelf

Floor space where the small shelf used to be. The black bag holds my school stuff. The way my school works, we don't have text books, but 10-15 "real" books that we read for the quarter. I use this bag to hold the ones I am not reading. Since I am on break (but will be taking th esame class next quarter) I have all my folders and paperwork in there as well. I would be happy to move it, just don't know where.

This stack is what was left after I went through the pile on my desk. It has to go somewhere

This was the desk that had been where the shelf was. I could put it back if I need to, but I would rather not. I am hoping to talk dh into using it instead of the one he has now. (smaller footprint)

The table the fish will go on. Should I stain first or stain later?

This was the shelf that had been in my office area. I would like to move it elsewhere. Maybe next to the sideboard, although it looks kind of stupid because it is so much shorter. I need a space to put library books that are currently being read though.
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I am having a heartattack. Im not a neat freak over orgainzed woman by any means but... start with one area a day and clean it out. Things need a place and places need to be cleaned before they are used..

If its broke, not used, not liked, serves no purpose get rid of it...

just my 2 cents..
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sorry didnt see the updated pics... good job
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(I know you've heard this on here already, but) You have an overwhelming amount of stuff! Your house is far different that I'd pictured when you were describing it on your original thread. Your place has so much potential for easy living. Pick one part of the house and start small. Set a timer and do (for example) one hour of purging a day. Get a box and go through items. Whatever you don't have honest use for, put it in the box. When the timer sounds, put the box in your car, and drop it off for charity on your next outing. Commit to one hour (or whatever) every day. If you really dread the task, go for 15 minutes a day. If you're having a great day, you don't have to stop when the timer sounds, but always commit to a minimum amount.

Don't worry about organizing until after you've purged a ton of stuff. Keep purging as you organize, too.
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Just saw your updates. Good work.

Suggestion for this area... Get some twist ties and bundle all that extra cord together (I'd do it individually by wire, so if you have to unplug one thing, you don't have to untie all of it to do so).
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Thanks for bumping this! I spent most of the week working, so I haven't gotten much more done until this weekend. But now it is the weekend and I have done some big things. I will post pics later today. I have found the fish a new home, I have decluttered books and got rid of the ratty dresser upstairs. I have moved dh's office upstairs and out of our bedroom and have moved our bed. I will have more questions later as well!
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Wow you are my hero, My clutter is so over whelming that I feel like iam just shifting it around.
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Originally Posted by boysrus View Post
Thanks for bumping this! I spent most of the week working, so I haven't gotten much more done until this weekend. But now it is the weekend and I have done some big things. I will post pics later today. I have found the fish a new home, I have decluttered books and got rid of the ratty dresser upstairs. I have moved dh's office upstairs and out of our bedroom and have moved our bed. I will have more questions later as well!
I just saw the pictures of your desk. How's it coming? Do you still have the same questions? I didn't want to go through and talk to you about your desk if you've got it all done already!
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No, my desk isn't done yet. still a work in progress. I have done a few more things to it, but am actively seeking suggestions
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pictures, pictures please
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Okay! I got my bedroom as done as I can. Now looking for feedback and a few suggestions.
This is pretty much the view for the door. I think the scarves are still kind of cluttery, but I like having them not take up space in a drawer, so I don't know what else to do

I moved the bed against the other wall. There is no a small walkway next to it. The way it was before, the entire side of the bed (where I sleep) ran along the front window, which overlooks the street. It is still against a window, but this window is small and looks out at our driveway. Also, the way it was, there was about a foot of space between the end of the bed and the wall, which was a major clutter catcher.



I am sorry these pics are so blurry! I need to play with my camera settings.

Now, for the window over the bed, what should I do? What kind of window covering? I hate the fact that the bed is off center from the window. We had moved it all the way over because dh was going to put his desk along the other wall. Maybe I can center the bed now. But I do like having a bit of floor space in fron tof the bed, so I might leave it as is.

Not sure what to do with this wall
I think there is enough space for shelves, but shelves scare me. They will scream at me to fill them. So, maybe a large painting?

I want to replace that dresser. I have another one that is dark blue with green drawers. Would those colors be horrible in my room?

The cross is sitting on a little mirror. I have three of them, two are on the dresser adn the other is on the bookshelf. They have wide black frames and tiny mirrors. I plan to hang them over the dresser.
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You are amazing, momma! Great job. I am very impressed.

I LOVE the table you have for the fish - honestly, I'd put the fish on it now and stain it when you can. But some people might do better with staining it first...
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I actually changed fish location! My living room is looking nice and I will post pics of it after I shower and eat
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Couldn't read without chiming in with a huge congratulations!! You've done so much with just decluttering and rearranging. It really goes to show that the basics are where it's at!

Keep going and keep us updated!!
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Wow!! You are a true inspiration! I just stumbled across this thread, and am amazed at what you have accomplished. I'm coming away with lots of ideas for my own home. I can't wait to see more pics!
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Wow! You are doing a FANTASTIC job!

About the bedroom:

I would center the bed. You would have room for a nightstand on either side . . . if they each has shelves, you could keep some stuff on there. I like symmetry when it comes to furniture.

As far as a window covering, I am horrible with that kind of thing. We bought 20.00 tab curtains at Lowe's 8 years ago when we moved in and they are still up in all the rooms (that sounds really bad when I type it out, but they're neutral . I don't like blinds, so I'd replace those though. Maybe with some long fabric? I've also seen on decorating shows that they do the whole wall like it's a window. Use a small rod that runs the length of the room and curtain from side to side to cover the whole wall, leaving a wall of fabric. If you did it in two panels, you could always open them if you'd like. I'm sorry I'm not doing a better job of describing this . . . I can see it in my head .

I would not put shelves on/along the wall. I think it would be too cramped and likely to fill up with stuff. I like the idea of a big painting . . . maybe invest in a big canvas at the craft store (using a coupon it wouldn't be too bad) and have your boys go at it for some modern art.

Do you really need that dresser? Could you purge and condense clothes into the built in dresser on the wall? If not, I think it's fine the way it is.

You are an inspiration!
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Like a PP said, I would skip shelving on the blank bedroom wall. Go for some large artwork or maybe hang some family pictures...
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i also just happened upon this thread and can't believe how much you've done!!!

i would remove the picture between the 2 windows. it looks a bit big for the space. as a pp said, center the bed & do curtain panels that span the entire wall behind the bed in a color/pattern that you really like, so the bed becomes a focal point. you could do a matching valance for the smaller window. you can leave the blinds for room darkening. just pull them up in the morning so the room looks bright and cheery!

i'd take the cross off, too, and hang it over the dresser w/the other crosses you have to create a montage or, hang one cross on the left wall between the windows next to the bed and another directly across it on the right wall for symmetry and hang the floral picture over your dresser. that right wall won't need anything else. less is more, imho.
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