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I started to take pics upstairs, but my bettery in my camera went out! I will take more after it recharges, but here is a start.
6 yo's bed and night stand. I am going to get baskets or plastic caddies to fit in most of those cubbies to turn them into drawers

Better view of the nightstand. I finally got dh to hang the very cute curtains in their room.

10 yo's bed. Notice the crate that is there now for them to put books in at night, instead of scattered all over the floor. We had a big brainstorming meeting to talk about what they need in their room. Because I clean it top to bottom and then they trash it, so obviously they need something different. They don't even have a lot of stuff upstairs. What piles up is books, dirty clothes, and papers. Hoepfully we are providing them with better options

9 yo's bed as well. We are goign to replace the big beds with twins and so they will get some more floor space

And that is when the camera ran out!
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Excellent, excellent work momma! You really did a great job.
And thank you for sharing your progress...very inspirational.
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Great! The books in crates are a wonderful idea. I use those canvas bins from Target (they're usually on sale 2/11.00) for the kids stuff. They fit well on some built-ins they have in their room. They look neat all lined up in a row, and they keep everything contained. Eventually, I'll add labels.

That's an awesome nightstand, by the way.
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I just read through this entire thread and wanted to say I am impressed!! You have accomplished so much.

I have a few areas I cannot get decluttered and organized. Actually I declutter and organize and then it is a mess again - telling me I haven’t done it right. I am motivated by your success.
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I have been hard at work decluttering and organizing. I have taken two more van trunkfuls to Goodwill, and I have another one almost ready. We have recycled tons of paper, and filled our garbage can quite full.

Here are some pics. I haven't gotten to take pics of every room in the house yet, but this is some of my progress.

Here is one angle of our front room. This is where the fish ended up. We moved the coffee table.

This was the wall with the pic that was too small and high. I replaced it

Now, the laundry room. That was my project today. Here is a before



And after

The clothes on the dryer are three things that need to be dyed

Still dealing with the laundry!

The sink and floor are really gross, there is no way to fix it. The stuff in the sink are laundry that needs to be done. Its a heck of a lot better than it was though!
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Just thought I should update!
I got the house quite organized, and then lived in it for another quarter. I have now found which areas don't work and am decluttering even more. I am still struggling with where to put the coats and shoes! The front room stayed pretty clean, but every other room needs to be overhauled.
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YAY! This was a really fun thread to read and I was ASTOUNDED by what you got done from 12/8 to 12/9. OMGoodness. Now I am inspired to go and do the decluttering I've been putting off .
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Thanks for the honest update I always wonder how people's efforts hold up over time!
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