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simple unassisted birth story.

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My birth story is pretty uneventful. We went unassisted, so we just stayed home and didn't invite anyone over. I went into labor in the morning around 6am while I was eating breakfast with dh before he was going to go to work, so he called in. We ate breakfast, and rounded up our towels and I put them in the bathrooms and bedroom and kitchen in different labor spots. Ds got up later and we sat down for another breakfast. Dh didn't eat again but I did. I sat on a birth ball at the table and would stand up and kinda hula hoop through contractions. At first Ds told me to stop dancing, but later he would tell dh to do my dance too. Dh and I made the bed in layers with wool in between sets of sheets, then towels and wool and towels and a tablecloth and towels. Then we went to the den to watch a movie. I would watch for a while, wander off to use the bathroom, get drinks etc. Eventually I wandered off and took a shower, then a bath. Ds realized I was gone and went to find me and ended up in my bath which was hard for me to deal with, so I got out. Then the next phase of the labor was pretty much me trying to wander off and hide while dh tried to keep ds occupied and off my trail. They continued to watch the movie (Lord of the Rings is pretty long) played outside, drove to the gas station and back (15 miles I think to the gas station, since we are pretty rural.) When they got back from the gas station things were starting to get pretty intense for me. I almost threw up, and spent some time on the toilet, then went into the bedroom and pushing contractions started. I could hear them finishing up the movie, and I was making a lot of noise. Dh says ds wasn't scared of my yelling, he thought it was amusing heheh. I had a thermos of warm water with honey and apple cider vinegar in it to drink between contractions, and the warmth was great on my throat which was getting raw. I really wished I had some toilet paper and a hair tie in there, but I couldn't go get it and I didn't want to ask dh and end up with ds in there because I didn't know what he would do and I wanted to keep my concentration. I felt smothered by my hair in my face and I kept trying to tie it in a knot, but it didn't work. My water hadn't broken yet and I kept feeling for any progress and finally I felt the sac bulging, then it broke, then I felt the head come down and it felt way harder and more painful to push out than ds, (but I figure that is because I wasn't paying much attention to my body with ds because I had to be on my guard so much at the hospital. I never looked at what was going on or felt it with my hand with him.) Her head felt too small, too squishy and too wrinkled to be right, but I had to push it out anyway so I set about it. I pushed it out and looked at the back of her head hanging there (I was on hands and knees) and felt her face, then I pushed the rest of her out without a contraction because I didn't want to leave her neck in there and I could here my family leaving again. Her color was good and she started crying right away. the cord wasn't wrapped around her and she was so slippery. I shouted out to dh but I guess he was outside but on his way back in to get ds's shoes and he heard her cry and came right in. He asked if it was a boy and I checked and said it was a girl. ( we had thought it would be a girl and hadn't even picked a boy name, but had been trying to the past couple days incase) I had him try to towel her off, she was sounding kinda mucusy and I wanted to try to hold her to let her cough stuff up but she was so slippery, I just lay her on my chest. my legs were slippery and had mec on them. Her water had been clear though, so dh ran a bath. The cord was kinda short and it was hard to move her around. We got fed up with the short cord so I had dh hold her and squatted to push out the placenta and we put it in a bowl. After a while longer in the bath we decided to cut the cord and get out. She had been born for over an hour before we cut the cord. I asked when she was born and dh said he forgot. Sometime before the sun went down. Between 4:30 and 5pm. When her lungs were clear she latched right on and nursed very easily.
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Well that is a beautiful story! Happy babymoon!!
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What a lovely sounding birth
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Congrats! What a beautiful story! And a wonderful birth!
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beautiful birth story congrats to you and your family!
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How WONDERFULLY uneventful!!! What a blessing for you to have experienced and a blessing for us to have you share!
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Wonderful! Congratulations and thanks so much for sharing!
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That's so wonderful! Congratulations on a beautiful experience!
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Congratulations!!! Welcome baby girl!
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