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Texas Vax Action Plan

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"Dr. Eduardo Sanchez, Texas Commissioner of Health, today unveiled a new five-point state action plan to increase childhood immunization rates.

'Vaccines work,' Sanchez said. 'They are one of the great public health achievements of the last century. Vaccines protect both individuals and communities from preventable and potentially devastating infectious diseases.'

Sanchez said the comprehensive action plan draws from work by Texas Department of Health (TDH) staff, state leaders and public and private partners. The five steps are to:

Enact emergency rules to require a fifth diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis (DTaP) immunization at age 4;

Initiate a "Back to School" campaign urging immunization of schoolchildren and their siblings;

Roll out a new bilingual multimedia public awareness campaign;

Expedite new business recommendations to improve the state's immunization program; and

Quickly implement new legislation supporting immunizations."

The rest at:
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Here's a little counterattack...

....to the "new order"

Great info for an Alternative Health Care

Dr. Rath wants to replace WHO with THIS type of Healing:


Check out especially the "Immune System" and "Infectious Disease" sections.

You "old-timers" (amnesiac, I'm sorry about your memory, Rowlands '84 article was along time ago) will especially like some of the older "history making" articles.

"stop whispering, start shouting"

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