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shopping today

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i feel like telling somebody.. if i tell my dp he will probably just look at me weird for getting excited over something like this..

but i wasn't even planning on going to the mall today and i went into old navy and all the maternity clothes were 40% off.. now i can stop wearing the same 2 shirts all the time
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woo hoo! I love sales! This sounds totally selfish, but I can't wait til christmas
my ILs usually send us each a gift card, and I can't wait to get some clothes! Even though I was JUST pregnant 16 months ago, all my clothes are too small (because I started that pregnancy at a much lower weight). I also have a lot of summer maternity clothes but nothing to cover myself with this winter as I'm already showing enough that I need maternity.
Anyways, that was a ramble, but thats totally exciting you found a good sale
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Wow, 40% off! Gotta love Old Navy sales!
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hmmm ... I may have to indulge .....
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