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Henna bellies...

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I really wanted to do this last time, but then I lost track of time and didn't schedule it, yadda, yadda, yadda.... the lady who does it locally is awesome. She's done a few henna designs for me at different points in my life.

So, who's interested in this? Which design do you like? I'm thinking something symmetrical that is reminiscent of the sun.

Oh, and just because I love the new smilie.... :
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Tough choice! I'm normally one for symmetrics, but I actually really prefer the asymmetrical designs. I've always wanted to do this, too. I think this time may be it! I have 2 belly casts I've done nothing with and am not sure we'll do that again. Perhaps this would be fun, too!
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Yeah, I'm also really drawn to the asymmetrics on that site. But, I'm just more of a symmetric girl, KWIM?

I've also never had professional belly pics done, so I'm thinking I might make it a two-fer. Be henna-ed and then have some black and white portraits done.
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I love those designs too, and thanks for the reminder/inspiration! I want to do it this time around too. Everything I saw on that site is lovely -- tough decision...
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Any idea how much a design like that would cost?
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I think its neat. We did it at a friend's baby shower.
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I'd love to do that, its so neat!

and I totally love this smilie too :
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I don't know why but it kinda freaks me out! I don't mind tats and the like but for some reason a big ole belly with henna on it makes me feel... just weird
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they're all so pretty....I had mehendi done on my belly with my last pregnancy a friend of ours did it. I wasn't totally excited about the design she did (I let her pick it and do her thing....freehand) but it's temporary and it wasn't that bad and the whole experience was very relaxing! I'll definitely do it again....this time maybe I'll plan it out a little more and do some nice photos after.
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