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My favorite AIOs are the quick dry ones from Bum-Ware
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I was gonna say, there's a new "extreme AIO" that Bum-ware makes that's supposed to be fabulous. No personal experience, though. Just from what I've read, the AIO raves I see the most are for BumGenius, Bum-ware, Daisy Doodles, and Very Baby.

Linkage for BW and DD:


I'll let you know in a few weeks what I think. I have a smorgasboard of various AIO's in my stash for this babe.
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Yes, I should have included Daisy Doodles in my OP...I LOVE THOSE! Actually just placed an order there yesterday.
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These are the AIOs we have used, although they don't quite seem your "type", :

Kushies AIO (Newborn) - they worked okay for the very beginning, for outings, but I didn't realize my son had outgrown them, and we kept using them past the weight/size limit, hence a lot of leaking.

Bumkins AIO (Medium) - these were our favourites the first year, and we were able to use them for about 9 months. Very simple and durable, no leaks, but towards the last few months, we did use a doubler (tri-folded washcloth) if we were in a situation where we might not be able to change him straight away.

Proraps AIO (Large) - very absorbent, gussets that are great for leak prevention. My son outgrew the rise before the weight limit though, and the Aplix closure wore out a bit - if I had known, I would have gotten the ones with the snap closure.

Rumpsters AIO (Medium and Large) - the rise is low and they are narrow through the crotch, but they work fine for us. The ones with Aplix closures seem wider than the ones with snap closures; the snap closures have a better fit on my slim son.

Blue Penguin Re-Uz'm Elite AIO (Large) - we have the ones with snap closure. They are very absorbent, but the rise is too high for my son, so the fit is a bit strange.

Mother-Ease AIO (Large) - these are my current favourites; they are basically a white ME Airflow cover with a thick terry lining. Since they have side snaps, they work perfectly as pull-ups (which comes in handy for EC). If I could do things over, I would stick to Bumkins for the first year, like we did, and then use these as our only AIOs once the medium Bumkins were outgrown. We have way too many diapers, but I'm tempted to get a few more of these for baby #2 anyway.

My son was never a heavy wetter at night, and has actually usually been dry at night for a very long time, but of the ones I have, I felt safest using the Prorap and Blue Penguin AIOs at night, just because they are the thickest.
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Wow, that was an extensive list, thank you so much! A couple of those I hadn't heard of...off to look them up!
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I have 2 of the imse vimse AIOs....they work great, even overnight, have a dry-feeling layer for next to the skin and dry really fast. Mine rolled a little after washing and the aplix rubs a little sometimes, but it has not been a big deal.
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For affordable AIOs, I liked Kushies. They aren't the best in the world or the most absorbant, but you can get 5 for $40. They make great diaperbag diapers.

I had a few very baby AIO and liked them ok, I should have gotten them with hemp or something though because I didn't find them much more absorbant than the Kushies.

I had a few Rumpsters as well and they worked very well for pee, but the rise was so low that my baby would get plumber's crack, so if she pooped it would ride right out the back. So, maybe just get one of those and see how it fits your baby. They are very trim, so that is really appealing.

Oh, I also used to have the Re-Uz'm s... classic and elite and I never cared for either. I found they created a HUGE butt and it was hard to fit clothes over compared to fuzzi bunz or swaddlebees. I became really more of a pocket diaper sort of person.
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Thanks...lots of ideas floating around in my head now!
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I have tried a couple of TailFeathers Diapers have been pleased with them. I have no other AIO to compare it to, though.
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Another link, thanks! Will check those out!
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We had a couple of the Bumkins AIOs when our daughter was little (younger than 6 months) and I wasn't impressed. They leaked often when she had only been in them for an hour. And I don't mean she was wet for an hour. And she isn't a heavy wetter.

When we moved into the medium size I started experimenting more and I really like the BumWare and some hemp AIOs I got on Ebay. I have a BumGenius AIO, but it's an older version, so don't know how it compares to the newer ones. I've heard mixed reviews on those. However, we weren't using these on a newborn, so don't know how they would fit.
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I'm another Bum-Ware fan!
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I've been using Angelwraps and they're pretty good. I like the fit
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Thanks guys!
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Oh, I love Rumpsters, too. I just bought three off the trading post. The are really trim and quick drying, which is really important to me. It's the drying time of aios that I hate.

I really like the very baby aios that I've tried, too, but I run into that drying problem.
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blue penguin hemp- Very very nice diaper with super duper snaps. The doubler thingy is not exactly cut for a boy so we used an extra liner.

bumkins- Why the heck are these diapers so expensive? ? We change every pee and they don't even hold one. Very strong velcro though.

kushies- Cheap. Easy. Holds pee (and poop). They don't have a nice texture and they smell kind funny at first. The velcro is so-so but I think I'll just sew on some snap tape eventually. There is lots of leg room which is great for mobile babies but you may have a little escapage if the fit's not right. The diaper's absorbent enough that the sewn-in liner's not really needed and I wish it was separate but it looks like you could even stuff that liner if you had a baby who pees a gallon or something.

other than those, we've only used covers, fitteds, prefitteds (LOVE) and prefolds
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I hated Bumkins and my dd is not a heavy wetter. I wouldn't try them unless you want to change every 20 min. They have such cute prints too, they just need to work on absorbancy.
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