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Who made this statement??

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The chicken pox vax is used so parents won't have to miss a week of work to care for a child
I really wish I could remember. It's being debated on another board I visit.

Did the pharmaceutical company say that or did someone else? Also, can it be verified anywhere?

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I read a thread on here that had that in it. I think I remember someone saying that her dr said it when she questioned the vax. I think dr also said if they don't get the pox naturally before entering school then she can come back and get the vax then if she wants. :
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That's the real catch turquoise...

...we have to make sure our children GET the immunity naturally so that it is PERMANENT and the vaccine becomes redundant. This is where local activism is necessary so that, yes, we can "trade" immunities. The beauty of this system also is that we can possible choose the time when the illness would occur, of course, already having done the necessary reseach to have the full complement of nutritional immune boosters on hand.

Information is power,


P.S. amnesiac, thanx for the great linx
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goodpapa: I'm fully with you that natural immunization is best, but I believe (if I remember the thread correctly) the dr was saying she could come back for the shot because it's required to enter school - I got the jist that the dr didn't believe too strongly in the vax himself.

amnesiac's response was so much more helpful than mine to be sure! I just happened to remember a coversation with that same exact remark.

Reading things like amnesiac's link really burns my britches! Rationalizing giving a child a vaccine for "convenience" issues is really wrong to me. Chicken Pox was the first thing that started to change my mind about vax in the first place. I got in a HUGE arguement on another "mainstream" board about the chicken pox vax because I dissagreed with it - I thought it was a waste. At the time only because 1) does not provide lifetime protection and adults/seniors have worse problems coping with the pox than children do 2) I thought research $ could have been better spent on real life-threatening diseases/illnesses instead of what has become a "nuissance" illness. Now I know a little more about vax and their undocumented reactions or miss-documented reactions, it makes me question all vaxs.
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Yes, turquoise...

...they'll use any rationale to try and sell those vaccines.

But since you mentioned "documentation"...

...remember a vaccine record is just a piece of paper with ink on it.

Just thinkin',

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we've discussed chicken pox and missing work before..

see if this thread helps
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