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egg allergy in the (almost exclusively) breastfed baby

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My baby is 9 months old & dabbles in "real food" by eating off our plates, primarily. He has/had a pretty big dairy allergy that seems to have tapered off, but I can only have small amounts, still (and he, of course, doesn't have any).

A few days ago I let him have some bites of egg & the skin around his mouth (where the egg touched) turned bright red (it was egg white that he had -- cooked in olive oil, ftr).

Now I'm wondering if I should stop eating eggs, too. Does it transfer & put him in pain the same as dairy did?

Thanks for all your help!!
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You tell us. Does it seem to bother him? Other rashes? Change his stools or sleep patterns?
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Sorry for not posting more details; ds3 was being a bit needy, lol. I've been eating eggs since his birth & never noticed anything, really. He has bouts of fussiness at the breast, but no rashes, except for when he used to react to dairy. He may still be reacting to dairy, but I've been having regular, small amounts & he isn't having any rashes or any fussiness I can be sure is to do with dairy (and not just teething, etc.). I'm working to get dairy free again for a couple weeks and then test it to see for sure.

The egg thing has really thrown me for a loop. They're one of my mainstays for protein -- especially at breakfast. I hadn't had any/many in a month or so, but I've been feeling crappy because of the lack of protein at the start of my day, so I decided to "get back on it" and cook myself some.

His sleep pattern has been all over the place for the last month or so, so I'm not sure about that. The more I type the more I'm just starting to assume I'm going to have to give up eggs for a while & find a healthy alternative. I really want to start screaming right now -- I just want to eat, you know? It's hard enough to get any food some days, what with everyone's preferences, then I try to keep things kinda healthy, add in ds3's dairy allergy (while I am a huge cheese lover), and now eggs?!

I shouldn't whine -- especially here; I know this is just small potatoes compared to what others on this forum probably go through. Ugh, though. Just...ugh.
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I found egg the easiest to avoid of all the food issues we've had. Ilana is still egg free (she got ahold of a piece of cake last night, egg was the only allergen in it, and it wasn't pretty today) and the boys were egg free for a while as well when younger. Do you do soy? Meat?
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Babies can be allergic to foods and not react through bm.

Dd is allergic to wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, sesame, peas, lentils, most beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, and everything in the squash family. I ate every single one of those things for the first year of bfing, and she never had any problems--no diaper rash, no eczema, no nothing. (She did have those very red cheeks that I NOW know can be signs of food allergies, but everyone just complimented me on how 'rosy-cheeked' she way. Oy.) Her worst allergy is wheat and I ate every single day...no reaction until she was 1 and had a taste herself.

Because we are still bfing (I hope--she's in the middle of a looong nursing strike), I avoid all of her allergens as rigorously as if I were allergic to them--so no "may contains", no "processed on equipment with", etc.

Were I you, knowing that your dc has a dairy allergy, I would definitely avoid giving HIM any of the top allergens until he's at LEAST a year old (and much later for fish, shellfish, tree nut, and peanuts). As for eating egg yourself...since he reacted, I would probably avoid, but again, that's just me.

FWIW, egg whites are the much more allergenic part of the egg. Yolks tend not to cause allergies, although complete separation of the two is impossible in practice.
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and remember that allergies can pop up at any time. so the food could be okay for you one day and bad for you the next day.
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Hi ladies; sorry for abandoning the thread. mtn. mama, I know you were giving me pointers -- but that's really depressing!

To answer some questions. Yes, I do soy (although I don't use it as a dairy substitute as he reacts if I have any large amount...like a pint of tofutti in one sitting ) occasionally, and meat regularly.

Since I posted last I've cut out ALL the dairy again and he isn't showing any signs of allergies. I'm only letting him have dairy free foods, and keeping other allergens away as well (although I give him a bite of the crust of my sandwich occasionally & he might get a tiny bit of mayo). I've also cut down my egg eating to be safe -- I'm only having them about once per week, although I do still have mayo and probably some other things with egg.
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My ds reacted to milk in my breastmilk, but once he got solids, he reacted to soy. So they definitely can react to one and not the other. I would make sure he didn't get the mayo if it's an ingesting thing for him with the egg. We all say Ugh when food intolerances/allergies come up. It's just a PITA all around. But once your baby is happier without all the allergens, it all seems sooooo worth it.
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yep, my mostly-breastfed 9-month-old dd2 has an anaphylactic egg allergy--vomits for hours every time she has eaten them--but i just this week stopped eating eggs, because she has great digestion, no excema, no anything that would indicate an allergy until she ate them herself (and she had only yolks). this is my first foray into the world of child food allergies, so it wasn't until her allergist told me to stop that it occurred to me that it might not be a good idea.

but...i'm still a little unclear on how that works. her allergist says that the proteins come through the breastmilk unchanged, but if that's true, how is it that she has no response whatsoever, never spit up or had difficult poops or anything? i'm definitely erring on the side of caution and avoiding eggs lest she get them from breastmilk any longer, but i'd love to hear what more-experienced folks have to say about this.

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Jennifer -

Sometimes the only reaction is so slight that you don't realize it IS a reaction. I ate eggs occasionally for about three months while bf Ina, thinking she'd outgrown her allergy to them. She didn't show any reactions that we recognized. When we direct-intro'd them at one year of age, she did spectacular projectile vomiting, etc.

In retrospect, her weight gain completely halted/plateaued during that three months; and her night wakings were probably in part due to the eggs, not just teething.

You may find that things become much more manageable in other areas, now that you're eliminating eggs from your diet as well .... as in, babe may sleep better; babe may be in general more cheerful/interactive .... who knows?

I too found egg removal not so hard; so many things with egg in them have dairy too so I'd already cut them out anyway. You will adjust, I promise! It's been nearly 4 1/2 years since I've had eggs ....
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Originally Posted by kjbrown92 View Post
I would make sure he didn't get the mayo if it's an ingesting thing for him with the egg.
Yea, once I typed that I realized how stupid it was... I'm starting to think about moving away from eggs, too; just to see. Ugh.
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thank you so much! we did, in fact, notice some things--it could be just correlation, but about a week after i stopped eating them, she crawled for the first time, said her own name, made up a name for her sister, and started pulling herself up to standing all the time. (she's nine months old). woah. this makes me feel awful for a) basically surviving on eggs throughout my pregnancy and b) her infancy, during which i also ate lots of eggs while she took 3 months to regularly make eye contact and we worried a little about her developmentally. i'm really glad to know how much a difference this can make, though, and am looking forward to hearing the results of her recent blood test. thanks, you guys.

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