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Yay for my DP thread.

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I thought we could have a thread to tell all the nice supportive things our dp's are doing.

Dp did dishes and laundry today (usually housework is my domain)
Dp tells me I am not fat daily :
He is buying Chinese Food tonight because I NEED it

I him
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This is a nice thread to start. I usually want to kill him but when I think about all he does he is great. Tonight I had a bright idea to make cookies with DD. I laid everything on the table then decided I lacked the energy. He said "give me the recipe and I'll do it." I sat there while he and dd did all the work. We had fun because he pitched in.
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Awwww! Yay for great DPs!!! :heart

My DH took care of the boys yesterday while I dyed yarn (literally) ALL day (to earn extra money for the fam. in quiet-construction winter-time) and he made them 'breakfast' and lunch today without complaining (I hurt and felt not good after my day yesterday). He's kinda crabby this afternoon but it's b/c he misses me.

He's done a great job this whole time, I'm giving him an A+ for effort for SURE!
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Mine has definitely gone above and beyond - I have been soooo not myself the past 6 weeks and he really stepped up. I've only made dinner a few times and all were in the past two weeks. He just does anything that needs done and never complains that I'm on my butt on the couch most of the time. I love him
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Mine DH has been amazing! I haven't cooked since ms kicked in, he grocery shopped alone for weeks & he never complains if I can't eat what he made. He has also done all of the housework and has been taking full responsibility for the dog - our crazy dog requires a 4 mile walk every day.
I love him so much!
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Mine has indulged my weird food fixes and he has changed the cat litter faithfully despite hating it. He has vaccuumed a lot and he has let me be neurotic and crazy and I love him for it.
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Mine has not complained that our house looks like a toxic waste dump ( and have helped clean some)
And he was visiting his parents yesterday, when he got sick (Like puking, fever sick) He dosnt know how much I appreciate this (cause I dont want to offend him), but the fact that he stayed there over night and let his mom take care of him was GREAT!!! I love him, but I just stopped puking myself, I dont need to deal with more of it :Puke
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Mine has been doing more house work. He even put dd to sleep twice this week (which breaks his all time records).
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My DH made himself sick taking care of me while my nausea/vomitting was hitting me over the head on a daily basis. He never makes me feel like I have to do *anything* or that I'm lazy if all I do is lay in bed in front of the tv all day. Lately, he's been really sick (passed out on the bus on the way to work), so we've experienced a bit of a role reversal as my energy level has gone up and his has gone down. He still faithfully cleans the kitty litter which I KNOW he hates, and every week he does a little something cleaning/construction wise to "get us ready for the baby". He's really a wonderful DH
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This is a great thread. There are times when I really should be more appreciative instead of being so snappy and moody!!

All around, dp has helped out, whether it be making dinner, folding laundry, or other helpful things around the house. The BEST is that this is the slow time of year for his business, so he has been getting up with ds in the am and letting me sleep in an extra couple hours before he needs to get to some work. And tonight he is coming home early so I can get to a yoga class.....without me asking! He just offered to do it. He is the best and I need to give him more credit than I have been.
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awesome thread!!!

DH is awesome because .....
he fixes me breakfast every morning when he is home
he gets me the things I want at the store
he has been doing laundry
he cleaned out our dirty fridge!!
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Dh has been out of town for the past 2 weeks and just came back Friday night. I haven't been feeling good, and he let me lay around Saturday and Sunday. He fed us, gave ds a bath, got him ready for bed, played with him so I could sleep, vacuumed, did dishes, ran errands, and keeps telling me sweet things.
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My hubby does random acts of LOVE and says never doubt I'll always love you while pulling out a piece of Choc. He is easy on me when I do stupid things like washing his wallet and cell phone. He tolarates my strange taste in food while preggie and even helps when I am just to sick to do it. Also bought me these fab sock slippers because I am always: and he new I needed them but would never buy them for myself. Also helps so much with the CHILDREN. I my baby
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