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Question about cramping

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I started cramping about an hour ago.
It's really bad.
My question is this:
Is a miscarriage inevitable? I mean, abviously, this might be nothing, but if it is pre-miscarriage cramps, is there anythign that can be done or am I already on a path that can't be turned back?
If there is a possibility of doing something, I want to, but if this is just inevitable (again, I know this could be nothing, just gas or something) I would like to sit, and rest, and when the time comes, mourn peacefully, you know.

What should I do? I mean, honestly, my daughter needs me, and resting quietly, if that won't help anything anyway, I would like to spend time with her, and not rest and dwell, but i really want to do something if I can. you know?
Am I making any sense?

I'm extra worried, because I haven't really felt the same as with my daughter, I have felt kinda.....well....disconnected from this pregnancy. Also, My daughter spoke to me from the womb (I'm not crazy...I swear!) but it wasn't until like 8 months along, but I have been spoken to by this child for a few weeks now, and that makes me worry that maybe he won't be around for long, you know, and that's why he's speaking up so soon.
I'm just paranoid I know. being a mommy is my calling, and as wonderful as my daughter is, one isn't enough. I really want this child.
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I know with ds when I had a miscarriage scare the doc told me to go and rest. I don't know if it will actually prevent anything. Thinking of you!
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I don't have any advice. I've never experienced mc. I hope that this is just pregnancy cramps of some kind. I hope you can get some rest tonight and all is well by morning.

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well, the cramping has eased quite a bit, but it's still there.
Last night I had a teeny bit of spotting.
It's kinda scary, but I am trying to be optimistic.
I guess I just have to trust that what will be, wil be.
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From what I've read, cramping + spotting = bad. But just cramping, or just spotting is ok. And if it's just a teeny bit of spotting I wouldn't be too worried. Could just be round ligament pain or maybe you over-exerted yourself? Either way, take it easy - your body knows what to do. We'll keep our fingers crossed for you.
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Are you seeing a midwife? She may be able to suggest some things for you to do or herbs/supplements to take. Otherwise, I hope you are getting some rest. We will be thinking about you. Take care-
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Well and depending on how you've been doing with the HG, you might be dehydrated and need IV fluids... it's worth looking into.
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As far as what I've read and understood, if you're going to have a mc, there's A) nothing you did or didn't do that caused it and B) nothing you can do to prevent it. In all honesty (and I know you know this deep down), a baby that's going to mc is probably a baby that wasn't very healthy to begin with. It's nature's way of protecting the least healthiest babies from a lifetime of pain.

If it's just cramping, this is most likely due to overexertion and/or dehydration. It never hurts to rest a lot and drink a lot of water.

Keep us updated!
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How are you feeling tonight? I'm thinking about you!
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I have been feeling really crampy. Bad cramps are actually my fist sign of pregnancy. Stress and dehydration make them worse for me. I can tell you from past experience that the cramps I had with a miscarriage came with blood and were strong and regular. The intermittent sometimes strong and sometimes not with no blood does not sound like a mc to me. I am send good vibes your way.
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Thinking of you, mama...
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Originally Posted by Jeanne_L View Post
Thinking of you, mama...
: Me, too... let us know how you're doing. mama.........
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well, I'm still cramping, but no more spotting. I think I am 12 weeks today.
I have a peacful feeling, and I really think that everything is alright.
Thanks for your thoughts.
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Is it possible that the cramping that you are feeling is the stretching of the uterus? I have been having that for a few days now.

Hope that all is ok!
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