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OT- I just had to take an incomplete

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I am so fricken mad right now. It was my fault, but I just can't believe it. I misread the date that my tests were due. I knew they were due today, but I didn't know that they were due by 8am today. So my professor gave me an incomplete. This totally sucks, because that means not only do I have to wait until next semester to finish and pray that the school I am transferring to doesn't freak out, but I also have to finish the coursework for this class, while taking 15 credit hours, raising 4 kids, being preggo, and possibly getting at part time job. This really sucks.
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I'm sure you talked to the prof about all that? I did the same for my photography class in college. I totally mixed up the dates and didn't have my final project ready, and turning it in late was a full grade level off. But I talked to her and her husband happened to be my advisor, so she gave me some slack. If you haven't asked, I would, and especially note that you will be PREGNANT with 4 kids and working!

That's a cold hearted teacher to not give you a break!
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Yeah, I practically begged him to let me finish this semster, it technically isn't even voer until the 14th, but he said no. I can't be too mad at him, because it was my fault, but I am really upset about it.
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I am so sorry. Hopefully you can finish them first thing next semester before it gets too hairy. I was taking a lot of classes when pregnant w/ DD and had to have some incompletes. This semester I have been taking my last class and let me tell you, I am hanging on by the skin of my teeth. I don't know how you're doing it with 4 kids. I can barely get by with just the one! Kudos to you, and I know you will figure out some way to get this done.
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Well it could be much worse. Take me for example, I decided to just drop out this semester which sucks but I know it's the best thing for me. I've been trying to get an incomplete for over a month, but this one a$$ of a professor hates me and won't even talk to me, let alone give me a break. I am so sick right now that I don't even have the energy to think about it anymore, so I'm just plain dropping out and going to fail 4 classes that I put almost a whole semester of work into. I think I'm going to take a few years off, then change my major when I come back so I can start over fresh in a new department.

It's crappy that your professor is making you do all that extra stuff because you were late by only a few hours? But at least he's not failing you.
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Oh man, not fun. Can you ask him if you can go ahead and do all the work this semester, but not get the credit for it next semester? Maybe he will let you take the tests, but still get and I until the next time it is offered? Then maybe he will see how committed you are!
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That is so sucky. I say hand it all in asap and beg for a grade. I am amazed that you are doing so much. Slip ups are an indication of a very full life. good for you for having the courage to take on so much.
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