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Baby Bjorn

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I seem to recall reading somewhere that the Baby Bjorn carrier (and maybe all upright-style carriers?) are bad for a young baby's develpoment. Maybe bad for their spine or their hips?

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

I have a three-week-old who likes the Baby Bjorn but doesn't seem to like the maya wrap in a horizontal position. Is there anything wrong with using the Baby Bjorn around the house for a few hours a day?

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We used it from about 4 weeks on and had no problems. In fact, most days it was the ONLY way Hank would nap. I would encourage you to try it, he loved it, still does, and we've had no problems. I think its just if you leave them in it for prolonged periods of time that it can cause problems w/ the hips. And hour here and there is not going to hurt anything.
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back carriers and spinal stress

The baby bjorn was the only carrier my son would use. Now, I find the only way to carry him (for a long period of time) is to "sneak" him into a Nojo (which I also love).

But, another MDC user posted this article after I mentioned how much I loved my BB. here is a link, I hope, to the article.


I asked my own chiropractor about the carriers and she said if it's not a lot of time, if it's the only one he'll use, etc. just like anything else, she felt it was OK in moderation. I don't use walkers or anything else that puts him in a standing position, so I felt it was OK for us to use.

you can find this on the www.continuum-concept.org website, they have a lot of really great information that I have gone back to again and again.

it's so hot here that a sling is really impractical for both of us. getting those strong arms is what motherhood is all about
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I had this same situation with my son. We tried a sling but he seemed to dislike the cradle position so we switched to a bjorn and he was very content in it. I think the important thing is that you have your babe right on you. I see so many, the majority really, of moms with their tiny babes in carseat/strollers. Today I saw a young woman wearing her babe in a bjorn type carrier and I wanted to tell her what a great thing she was doing by having her little one on her body, next to her heart. I loved being out with ds when he was tiny and having him right on me. We've since graduated to the sling (at about 3.5 mos) and both enjoy it now. If it's a choice between a stroller or the bjorn I think you're much better off with the bjorn.
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