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Pregnant Again???

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I am beginning to think I get pregnant by my husband merely entering the room. My son, who is now five, was born while I was on "the pill". I was religious about it. Every night at 7! My 2nd was planned. We became pregnant after only one month of trying. I am sure it would have happened sooner but my husband, who was in the Army at the time, was deployed. With my 3rd I was on the depo shot AND using condoms!!! Seriously...

Now, my husband has had a vasectomy. Almost immediately after I found myself a little depressed that I was finished having children. I figured this was a normal reaction. Not to mention I am truly blessed by the three I have. They are my precious angels. BUT I am now 10 days late for my period. My cycle is usually like clock work. Every 28 days without fail. I think the odds for V failure is 1%, but I have found myself in that 1% before. Although a Vasectomy is pretty drastic. I guess we will wait and see...

Seriously though... What are the odds? Could it have failed??? Or am I all the sudden irregular? Is it strange that I might be disappointed if I am not?
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The odds of failure are very, very low, but it's entirely possible if he had the procedure recently.
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I would say that the odds are low, however it has happened before. If you are 10 days late, why not take a test and ease your mind either way?
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Did he have the post vas check? If that was all clear, then the odds are quite low.
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when was the procedure done, and did he go back for the "all clear" SA?

I'm in the same boat, except with 5 children. (give me a break; at least two were planned!)

If all other methods have failed (some in combination) then yeah I totally understand the fear/excitement and worry.

I'm two weeks late, at 30 with no signs of menopause so like what's up?

I'll wait with you, though I won't be testing. I believe maybe it's like stress or something because of the holidays. I had a really bad time a few weeks back and think maybe that caused me to not ovulate or something. I really wish I were still charting, but who charts when their SO is surgically sterile?!

Anyhow all the research suggests a failure rate or late-canalisation (spontaneous return of fertility) anywhere from .8-2%, even after a clear SA! Its higher if your dr isn't a urologist who does at least several hundred vas a year. It's difficult to research as most evidence of "failure" is reported by the surgeons themselves and they often don't believe the wives and mark it up to infidelity (which you know does happen)

I'm a compulsive researcher so just ask if you want links

I'll be happy to wait it out with you, to the amusement of everyone else I'm sure
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Happened to me too. I think my post is on the July Due Date board. I have never been late in my life and I was 10 days late!! No baby though. I'll be watching to see how things turn out for you.
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Keep us posted! I've just started to think I might be pregnant while i'm supposed to be protected by an IUD, so I'm very interested in odd-defiers.
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It can definitely happen. It has happened to 2 different friend of mine. Both of their dh's had the V done, and then they got pregnant. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by mclisa View Post
Did he have the post vas check? If that was all clear, then the odds are quite low.
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Phooey! Callmemomma I just noticed this was your first post! Welcome to Mothering and I hope you come back with an update.

I think in my case I'm simply hysterical
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Still nothing....

So I am now at 16 days late? GOOD LORD.... It's time to pee on a stick, but I think I am going to wait till after Christmas. With my ENTIRE family coming into town I don't think I would be prepared to tell them if I was. It would need time to *gulp* digest . So wait with me! I promise I will keep everyone posted!

OH, and to answer questions... He had the vascectomy 3 months ago. No, he wasn't tested...STUPID. The appointment totally slipped our minds bc we were in the middle of a major move, but we have been SO careful! I guess we were careful with the other oopsies, too Well, oopsies are always blessings!

...Hey! Anything yet Rockies5???
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It's a pleasure to join this forum btw... Wonderful to have other mom's to talk to!!!
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I tested a few days ago and nothing showed up...test was a dud. I can hardly believe that all the stick peeing I've done over the years and THIS TIME I get a dud?!

I refuse to test again. it's been years since his vas and there is just no way. I've had much stress recently. Lost my Gma, almost moved, and went back to school and well as dh looking at a major job change and getting both altitude sickness and the flu in the same week and traveling through 2 time zones with a baby....all in the last 4 weeks so I'm SURE I'm just out of whack.

honeslty more concerend over the zits (at age 30!!) then anything else.

If you just moved too that could be it. Wishing you luck, since you seem positive about the possibility!
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Unless he had a SA there is a high chance you are pg. Sometimes the dr clips a blood vessel or nerve thinking it is the right cord. So he may still be ejaculating sperm. The only way to know for sure is to go in for the SA.
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Subbing, cause I just need to know how this turns out!
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Okay, I am not quite down with the lingo...SA?

Rockie5- So Sorry about your Grandma. I lost my both Grandparents in this last year. They were the true Romeo and Juliet. After my Pop died my Nana came out of her dimensia (sp?) long enough to realize he was gone and died shortly after. I miss them both dearly especially since it's the holidays.

Sounds like you would be out of wack after all your body has been through in the last couple of weeks!

I don't feel stressed??? So I don't know if that would be the cause. I did have a longer period last month but not anything to toot about and I am definitely not old enough for menopause. Although sometimes I might feel that way! lol.

Day 17... Here we go!
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SA=Sperm Analysis usually done at 6 weeks post V.
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Originally Posted by angelcat View Post
Subbing, cause I just need to know how this turns out!

me too!
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Another day come and gone... nothing.
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When will you test?
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