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Do you have 3 or more, with two who have birthdays close together?

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I have two sons, born in Jan and Aug. We have been ttc for five months now. If I get pregnant this month, I will be due with in a week of ds2's birthday in Aug. I feel like it wouldn't be fair to ds2 or future ds to have birthdays so close together. I also have this opportunity to get pregnant again (like tonight or tomorrow) and I don't want to waste it. What is your experience with kids who have birthdays near the same date? Are you able to separate the celebrations? Do they feel cheated, since another child gets a birthday month all to himself?
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I wouldn't let the fear of shared birthdays interfere with the chance to grow your family.
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We just call it birthday season and enjoy it.
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I have 2 sons w/ birthdays 5 days apart and my bday is in the same month. When we were thinking about #3 I did NOT want another March baby but once that baby fever hit I didn't care. We've only dealt w/ 1 bday, but they get to pick what's for dinner/dessert on their bday (when they can talk) and we have extended family over for a joint party.

typing one handed - hope it makes sense
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dh's bday is Sep 6, ds3's is the 10th, and ds2's is the 16th.
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My DS was due on DD1's birthday. Luckily he came 4 days early so that they have their own birthdays. They've never said anything about it bothering them that their birthdays are so close. Parties can be a little challenging since their birthdays are often the same week as Easter. We try to arrange it so that DS has his party the week before his birthday and DD the week after.

My brothers' birthdays are May 21, May 27, and June 19. Mine is June 7. We always called it birthday season at our house too. I do remember feeling a little jealous of my sister whose birthday was in February--it always seemed like she got better presents. I think my mom was sick of birthdays by June.

Honestly, I don't think it's anything to worry about..
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Sorry, I hit send when I was called away. It honestly hasn't been a big deal. We don't do big parties, though. I don't think it would be that big of a deal even thn.
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Well here's my story on that. We already had a son born in January and a daughter born in November. We decided to try for a third and decided not to try in April because then our children would both be born in January. So we tried in May, figuring it would take months to conceive. Nope, we conceived the first try. And then she was born a month early! So my son's birthday is January 18 and my DD2's birthday is January 22. Yep, FOUR days apart. The lesson learned from this experience - you just can't plan these things. Go ahead and do your baby dance. A child is a blessing no matter when they arrive.
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My dd and ds have b-days about 3 weeks apart. This baby will probably be born right in between then! We planned it this way, so obviously we are happy with it We still plan on giving the kids their own special birthday dinner, but if they want we can do group birthday parties. We aren't super into big birthday celebrations though!
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My 6yo and my 10month old were both born January 23. Since the 6yo had a twin that died when they were 3 months old, I actually had 3 kids born on the same day. My 2yo was born February 8. To make matters worse, I was born February 3 and DH was born December 25 so all of our birthdays fall within a month and a half of each other :
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My three kids' birthdays are all within six weeks of each other, and it's never been an issue. Like a previous poster, we just have a "birthday season."
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DS is my only so far, but in my family nt birthday is in March and my siblings birthday's are October 3rd, 7th and 7th (twins). My Mom's birthday is October 25th and my Dad's birthday is November 20th. Honestly having birthday's 4 days apart (or the same day) didn't bother my siblings at all, they had separate parties or sometimes the twins had a dual party. I was probably the most annoyed by all the birthday's then since everyone but me had a party in October, and I had to buy lots of presents then .

I really don't think close birthdays make that big of a difference, which is good now since DS' birthday is 10 days after mine.
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Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
We just call it birthday season and enjoy it.
This is us!

August: Ds#2 (and Aunt, 1st cousin, and Grandma)
September: Ds#1 (and 1st cousin, Grandpa, and Aunt)
October: Ds#3 and Dh

My birthday is 2 weeks after my younger brother's, whose b-day is two days after Christmas -- that was a tough one!

Anyway, I think it's all in how you approach it!
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my first two are 2 years minus 4 days apart, and it's never been an issue (they're 6 and 4). We homeschool, so they mostly have the same friends at this point anyway. So far we do one party for the two of them, but if they start objecting to that at some point, I'll just suck it up and do separate celebrations a week apart or something. My third's b-day is exactly six months away from my first's, but it's in December, so he doesn't really come out any better I don't think, sharing a birthday with xmas season.
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My 2 youngest have b-days 2 weeks apart in June. Gotta say if it were my oldest and youngest having b-days that close together it might be easier for me, but as far as the kids go I have never gotten the impression that one feels slighted in any way. They have made it pretty clear that they do not want their parties combined, and since one is a boy and one a girl it actually works out OK (only have had 1 "kid" party for dd so far).

I'd say go for it, esp since you've been trying for awhile. Your kids may actually enjoy having b-days close together.
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Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
We just call it birthday season and enjoy it.

Ds2 Oct 22
Dd2 Nov 21
Ds1 and Me Nov 25
Dh Jan 6
Dd1 Jan 10

We love it!
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My sister and I have birthdays 9 days apart (I am 1 year and 9 days older). We had several joint parties and our only issue was that people usually gave us the same thing as birthday presents. Not a problem for me, but my sister whose birthday was after mine, got bummed out sometimes that she no longer had a surprise to open. So I would just say to make things different somehow, and other than that, it is great. My dad has 5 brothers and a sister, and of the 6 boys, 2 were born on the same birthday (not twins), 2 had birthdays 1 day apart, and my dad and his other brother have birthdays just over a week apart. I don't think any of them ever had issues either, and they just did family parties.
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Thanks for all of the replies! I didn't even think of the fact that ds1 has a birthday 2 weeks after Christmas. So he would share with xmas, and the other two would share with each other! I've been finding the thought of not ttc this month rather difficult. Now, if only my dh doesn't get home super late from work tonight...
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I was born 5 ys and 16 days after my brother. His bday is mid-march, and mine's late march.

I can't speak for him, but I always thought it was cool having my birthday so close to his.

His birthday celebrations always got me excited about my own birthday.

My sister's birthday is 5 days after my mother's.

My son's is 10 days before my husband's.

Can't really control when birthdays are!

Right before my son was born, and I was lamenting to a friend that the baby might be born on my husband's birthday and so DS would never have his own special day, she told me that her husband was born on his father's birthday, and that he always LOVED sharing a day with Dad!

I'm actually kind of sad that my daughter's birthday is all alone in February.... her name looks so lonely on the calendar since there's no other family birthdays then! I was hoping she could hang on for 3 more days, and then she and I would share March! (Along with my brother! )
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I have three.

My daughter's birthday is September 16.
My sons' birthdays are November 16 and 28.

Most of their cousins have fall birthdays. Throw in Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's, and the kids think fall/early winter is just one long party! No one seems to mind .
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