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If you want studies/etc, post on the birth professionals board. The midwives probably have more info.

Don't let your friend listen to that "calcified/old/worn/bad placenta" nonsense. I was told that my placenta was all kinds of %@#%#'ed up at 33w, and when mine were born (at 34w due to IUGR from TTTS) I had a beautiful healthy red placenta.

OTOH, I just had a singleton at 40w and my placenta looked like shredded beef.
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mine were born at 40 wks 3 days and baby b definitely could have used a few more days. my singleton was a full 2 wks late 5 years ago so i was prepared to go long. like a pp said there is just no magic number where the placenta starts to break down and eating right will get you a long way to term and a healthy placenta.

here is info about how LMP is a horrid predictor for term, might help her with prep for talking with doc:

and here is an article that i found to be interesting about how babies born by elective c are much more likely to develop breathing issues -- being that so many twins are born w/o mothers ever laboring at all these days...

best wishes to your friend.
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When ever medical people get nervous about a person gestating longer then what they think they should i tell them to request an ultrasound. Check fluids, check the calcification on the placenta. When that all comes up good they will have no reason to insist on induction.
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I had a scheduled c-section at 38 weeks 2 days. My son was 7.7 and my daughter was 6 I had no problem with having a c-section (it was my choice) although I know lots of people do. I didn't care either way as long as they came out without complications.
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Bumping for good responses on "term."
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