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PP weight loss

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How is everyone doing on the weight loss front?

I ended up gaining 25 even for this pregnancy.

I've lost it all, which I am so proud of because with my first I gained 60 and never lost all of it!...and yeah I haven't done anything but try to be healthy so I am amazed as well and feel very blessed this time round....I would love now to lose the last bit left from my first pregnancy...That would totally rock...

I am in a wedding in May so I need to do some serious toning too.

How many pounds are all of you figuring in for nursing boobs as you calculate your weight stats? 2? 3? 5? LOL
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i gained 20 and have lost 24...i still need to lose 46 to be where i was before DS1 was born...just started the sonoma diet today. it's really yummy so far
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I gained 32 and have about 5 left. I don't think they're going anywhere soon though, I seem to remember the last 5 hanging on forever after my daughter. Although I started out with a lot more to lose with her!
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I have no idea, but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm starting to gain weight since I've discovered TJ's Jo Jos. (((as I shove one in my mouth)))
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I have 2 to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. and then another 30 to get back to where I was pre grad school.
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Not during the holidays! I gained 29 lbs and I have 16 left to lose, but I'm always hungry while I breastfeed. I lost 5 with dd1 after she started solids and didn't lose the last 10 until she was weaned so I'm expecting to hold this weight until I can get outside to walk at the park.
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Originally Posted by Maeve View Post
I have no idea, but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm starting to gain weight since I've discovered TJ's Jo Jos. (((as I shove one in my mouth)))
Aren't those just so yummy?!? I can't even have a box in the house, it seems as soon as its open it is GONE. And I can't even blame dh, as I rarely see him eating one. ... :

I have lost 24 lbs so far. I gained 40, but I also have the last ten pounds from my pg with dd1 to lose, not to mention the five pounds still sticking around from IF treatments. Ugh. Like many of the pps, I am not expecting to lost much more than another ten to twenty lbs while I am nursing, though.

I was walking in the mornings with the girls, but have been a total slacker this week. Need to get back to that to bump my metabolism up!
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I still got to lose 4 pounds to get to my pre-pregnancy weight but I had put on a bit of weight just prior to getting pregnant ... birthday dinner celebrations, christmas, new year etc.

I really would like to lose another 13 lbs.
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I'm 3 lbs from my pre-preg weight but due to the HG I lost a lot more muscle and now I'm left with fat that's distributed in different areas. I'm working out again, though, and expect to see some results rather quickly.
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How are you guys doing it? Im so frustrated...the weight is just not coming off. It just melted off with DD1, but will. not. leave. Are all of you exclusively BFing? How do you diet while BFing? And how do you find time to work out? I have only lost about half of the weight I gained while pg.
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I gained 27 lbs. and lost it by 2 weeks (that's when I checked the scale so it may have been sooner) and I'm down from my pre-pregnancy weight by 10 lbs- only 50 more to go- ha! I need to do something more than walking...
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Exclusively bf'ing, dh and I take turns working out while the other watches the baby (all of us at the gym, kids in child center, baby w/ a parent), and I'm about to start a program with this: http://www.stumptuous.com/cms/displayarticle.php?aid=72

I went the other day just to GO and get myself used to it again! So glad, too.

I eat when I'm hungry and I eat what I want. I'm trying to limit wheat (for baby) and sweets/junk.
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I gained 25lbs and lost 20 by like 2 weeks. I gained 5 back in the next 2 weeks and at 6 weeks I started walking on the treadmill every night for an hour and I've lost 4lbs in 2 weeks I guess we'll see if I'll get rid of that last 5lbs that I've always held on to. I still want to lose another 15lbs after I get down to pre-pregnancy.
The only way I'm doing this is dh stays home with the kids while I got to our apartment complex's work out room. It's kind of fun because I watch the food network It makes me want to exercise.
oh yea, I am exclusively breastfeeding to and I try not to eat everything in sight. It's really hard....
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I gained 46 and lost 35 right away. I've got 11 to lose to get back to my prepreg weight. I'd like to lose about 25 total. We have an elliptical trainer here and I just ordered a kickboxing dvd. I'm going to hit it hard after Christmas. I getting over a sinus infection/cold so I'm going to give myself a couple more days then hit the machine again!

I miss the gym but there is no way I'm taking the baby to the childcare there!
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I gained about 60 and have lost about 30.

I started back on Weight Watchers (which helped me take off the 80 from DD1 plus about 15 more), and I'm doing their plan for nursing moms.

I eat mostly whole foods, which fits well with their Core plan, but I'm starting out on Flex to help me get my portions back under control.

It's not easy, though. Breastfeeding makes me SO hungry! And DH is still in the Jen-is-pregnant mindset and continues to suggest going out to eat or ordering in. eep!

Still, I dropped 5 on my first week, so hopefully I can hit a good stride and get the other 30 pregnancy pounds gone..... and then whittle away at the other 30 I want to lose!

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I was 265 when I last checked my weight at 36 wks and was stuffing myself like there's no tomorrow so I dont know exactly how much I weighed total when DD2 was born. I'm guessing it was about 270 or so. I'm not 220 and stuck there for some reason. I need another 21 lbs to be at my 'pre babies weight' from DD1, and then another 65 to be at my goal. I couldnt justify weight loss when I knew that I was just going to get pregnant and fat again but now that we're done having kids I can finally focus on that a lot more.

For me, I'm walking almost every day (baby in carrier, toddler in stroller) and I drastically cut my portions and cut out pretty much all desserts and junk food. I eat about 300 calories in any single sitting. I dont avoid carbs, but I make sure that if I eat them I also eat protein and veggies and that I'm eating super slowly so that I can walk away without taking seconds.

Really though, its become about eating to live, instead of living to eat. Because if I eat for enjoyment, I can REALLY pack it away, lol.
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I gained 25 lbs and lost 26 lbs so far but with three back to back pregnancies, I never completely lost all of it from pg #2 with my daughter and have at least 30 lbs more to go before I am at a healthy weight. I have really started the fun exercising i.e. indoor trampoline and "dance hour" with the babies every night. p.s. I STILL hate exercising though this is at least somewhat fun!
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I haven't lost anymore weight since baby was about 2 weeks old, probably because I haven't done anything to try and lose. I have about 6 lbs to get to pre-preg weight. Once that weight is gone, I have another 20 lbs that needs to go.
On Tuesday I will start seeing a personal trainer again for 9 sessions. I think I'll see him once a week for nine weeks, hopefully I'll be able to lose 2 lbs per week. Then I'll be much closer to my target weight.
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