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How much student loan debt do you have? - Page 2

Poll Results: How much do you (and your DP/SO) owe?

  • 30% (81)
  • 1% (3)
    $1.00 to $1,000
  • 5% (14)
    $1,000 to $5,000
  • 7% (21)
    $5,000 to $10,000
  • 14% (38)
    $10,000 to $20,000
  • 12% (33)
    $20,000 to $30,000
  • 11% (29)
    $30,000 to $50,000
  • 6% (17)
    $50,000 to $75,000
  • 4% (13)
    $75,000 to $100,000
  • 4% (12)
    $100,000 to $200,000
  • 0% (2)
    Over $200,000
263 Total Votes  
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We have about 13K left. Used to be 25K when we got married 10 years ago.
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None, thank goodness. My parents paid for my college education, and we finished paying for DH's college loans a couple years ago.
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$150,000 at the time I finished med school, but I have paid off quite a bit and now only owe $80,000 - I know that still sounds like a truly horrendous amount of money, but I'm just proud of myself that I paid off $70,000 in 6 years.

That's just my personal school debt, not counting DH's student loans...
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$121k for me, $45k for DH. For one law degree and 2 state-school bachellors degrees.

Honestly, though, I totally don't regret going to school and I think it was a wise financial move. Prior to law school, I was making $11/hr with no advancement potential or benefits in a job that was later outsourced to India. While school was expensive it also created a huge jump in our standard of living and in the level of security we can expect.
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Paid mine off in August!!!!!!!!!! $20k+ and 11yrs later.
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I went to a state school, had various scholarships, worked two jobs during the summer, worked part-time during the school year, and had a little bit of help from my mom.

I may go to grad school on my husband's GI Bill - they now allow certain ranks and job specialties to transfer their GI Bill to spouses as part of a reenlistment bonus. He doesn't really want to go to college, but I want to finish (well, restart, at this point) my master's.
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$100,000 between the two of us.

That's a bachelor's for him (mine was paid for with scholarships/grants), and a masters' degree for both of us.

I wouldn't say that I regret my education, but having that much debt certainly changes how you are able to live your life and the choices that you can make down the road. I would do it differently if I had it to do over.
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~$18k for dh and myself.
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I try and black this out. Hmmmmmmm, Dh and I ~60ish, and I'm planning on going back next year, but then I'll make the big bucks, and we won't eat rice and beans because we have to, we'll eat rice and beans because we like to
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I'm 1 of 4 in the 75k - 100k. We aren't even drs or lawyers. that sucks!
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Originally Posted by Belleweather View Post
$121k for me, $45k for DH. For one law degree and 2 state-school bachellors degrees.
ok -- so you are a laywer, can you give me some free legal advice.

KIDDING! No issues here, just thought I'd say it. Kind of like when people find out someone is a dr or something.
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DH has about $10k
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We had 30k combined. Paid that off pretty quickly. We did use some wedding gift money for that. We had a pretty frugal wedding and most of it were paid by parents, so we saved the gift money for student loan.
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about $13K
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When all is said and done, between the two of us we'll hit at least $25,000. We also both get the full amount of grants that you can get. I am hoping that we can stop getting student loans BEFORE we're done with college, and just swing it with grants. We're both still in college.
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Now that's one kind of debt we don't have.
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I don't know the exact amount, but it's between 50K-75K for law school, which would have been well worth it if I had not become disabled.
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$900. It will be paid off by the end of the month, and most of it by Friday. That is down from $30 000 two years ago. That's for both of us. We also don't have any other debt, except for a car loan for the car we bought in May. It will be the next thing on the chopping block!
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Zero - I went to a state school for undergrad and with financial aid I think I only had about $1000 in debt when I graduated. For grad school I did a program that was half price for most classes because it was focused on urban education. I was able to pay as I went.
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$0, BA in economics for me, MBA for dh

We paid as we went, used our veterans' benefits and employer tuition assistance, and ate a lot of veggie meals. It was worth it, I am a sahm and dh is happy in his career.


OK, I'm editing after rereading my post. What I didn't say was that although dh and I paid our actual tuition ourselves, we had other forms of help from our families, especially dh's parents. They were very supportive and helped us in material and nonmaterial ways any way they could.
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