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Told the fam...

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The boys were SO cute when we told them, and then we told our parents. They were shocked (actually, it's funny, every person (including us ) that we've told said that last night - that they were shocked. ). It went over better than I thought it would with my parents, and what a weight lifted off of us to have people know. Esp. now that I'm showing enough to not be able to hide it.

Anyways, probably quite a bit later than the rest of you, but it was pretty exciting to finally get that out.
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Glad to hear it went well. Congrats--
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I'm glad things went well. I actually just told my mom last week! I didn't really tell her though. I made my sister!! I was afraid of the reaction and I don't need any negativity so I sent a messenger but my sister said she did fine!
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I haven't told my other children, so you aren't the only one who's waited this long. I'm finally feeling comfortable w/ the news and am actually having a hard time the last week or so keeping it to my self. I'm ready to tell! We plan to wrap a present for the baby (booties or something) to put at the bottom of the present pile under the tree so the kids will learn that way.
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You aren't the only one holding out! I am 12 weeks and we haven't told my in-laws yet. My dd has known from the start, since I have had morning sickness. The in-laws are coming for christmas and we aren't going to tell them then either. We might even wait for the 20 week ultrasound. They were so crappy with the news about dd that we don't want to deal until we have to!

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Originally Posted by mamatosaskia View Post

I am 12 weeks and we haven't told my in-laws yet.... They were so crappy with the news about dd that we don't want to deal until we have to!
Same here. DH and I waited until 20 weeks with the last child because we knew they wouldn't take it so well, and we were right. My FIL responded by talking about how cute the cat was and completely ignored what we told him. My MIL said "good for you" in a sort of placating tone.

We just told them about this one and surprisingly they were happy. They said they knew all along because I was drinking so much water (which I always do). Much better outcome this time.

It is nice that out fam. and most friends know. And I am esp. glad that I don't have to try and hide it when we go home for the holidays.
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That is very good news!
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How did I miss this? SO glad it went well for you mama! Isn't it just wonderful when our people surprise us by being better than we expect them to be?

That must be a weight off your mind!
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One person took it badly which I'm going to talk to her about later on next week... but everyone else was great. Thank God for that! I was very nervous. Did you tell Katherine? I can't remember now...
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Yeah, we told everyone. I couldn't summon the enthusiasm to make an effort to do it in a cute way only to be shot down, so once we decided people should know, we told them individually in a sort of off-hand way.

Usually, we tried to mention it in the midst of doing/going somewhere else, so there wasn't much opportunity for discussion. Like, we told my MIL right as we were walking down their driveway on Halloween to take dds TOTing. My mom was told as we were walking into the bridal shop to watch my baby sis try on gowns. Neither had as much to say as they would've if we'd made a production of it.

We ended up telling people earlier than we planned b/c I was so sick. It was sort of hard to hide, since people live pretty close by and I'm usually pretty involved and active with family things. Shrug. It worked out.

My oldest dd still doesn't know... she is really sensitive and I don't think she could handle it if we had a miscarriage, so we usually shield her for a really LONG time. As in, with Nora, we told her at around 25 weeks. One of my friends asked her what she thought was happening to me (re: my huge belly) and she just looked up, shrugged, and said oh-so-nonchalantly, "Too many cookies!" She was SEVEN!

Pretty much everyone took the news well. Plus, it seems that pretty much everyone has resigned themselves to the whole NFL thing by now... we were gearing up for the annual Xmas tussle over plastic/beepy toys and when MIL called to ask about Xmas, she said that they had already decided to just give the girls books, art supplies, and roller skates - since we're so picky about toys. Meredith is going to get lessons, type of my choice (dance, *riding*, music, art, skating, rock climbing, etc). HOW much does that rock!!!??? Sigh of relief...

Sorry for hijacking! I'm so glad that you're most of the way over that hurdle! Now you can just settle in and bake your bean in peace.

Take good care!
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Originally Posted by BlueMoonBean View Post
Plus, it seems that pretty much everyone has resigned themselves to the whole NFL thing by now...
Ok, just realized that the first time I posted this... I wrote NFP instead of NFL !

Yeah, they're used to our NFP babies by now.... :

Talk about a freudian slip, huh??
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Lol! Glad it worked for you, that is such a relief!!... thanks for sharing your story with me!
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