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Happy, but...

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I'm so happy! I had my first appointment today at the birth center. The midwife was great! She saw me for over an hour. I heard the heartbeat (yay!) But we found out we can't do a homebirth this time. They used to have 3 midwives there, but one left, so now they're down to two. They deliver at the hospital, the birth center, or at home. But to do a homebirth, you have to live within 30 minutes (we're 45 minutes on a good day). Just in case there's more than one person in labor, and something happens, they have people close. I was really close to deciding for sure on homebirth, but I guess the decision is made for us now. I'm not terribly upset about it. I'm thrilled with the birth center and it's homeyness (is that a word?). I just was getting used to the idea of a homebirth. Oh, and I now have to have an ultrasound to determine exactly how far along I am. I'm measuring about ok, but since I got pregnant right off the pill, she wants to make sure. So I guess we'll get one after all.
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How nice to feel comfortable with your care provider.
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