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Christmas gift ideas for LO and toddler? Help please!

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Okay, my SIL just asked what the boys would like for Christmas and I'm drawing a blank....
wooden or cloth teethers for the newborn?

what are some cool toys for toddler boys (mine is 2 years, 9 months)? I was thinking maybe lincoln logs but i don't know if there's anything toxic in them. I had lots of ideas for him but now with all the toys getting recalled and a lot of the painted wooden toys coming from china, I'm at a loss. He just got a sigg bottle too from a friend so that's out. I know they want to get them something fun so I'm trying not to tell them all the things I need that are boring, like a plastic diaper bag for cloth diapers, training underpants, etc., but that's what I really want for them!

Thanks for your help experienced mamas!
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I love the stuff at both Magic Cabin and Rosie Hippos. Magic Cabin submits their stuff to strict safety tests, and Rosie Hippos is unpainted and, I believe, made in the US. Both have baby toys, too.

Rosie Hippos has some adorable little cars, also some animals on wheels. Magic Cabin just has a ton of great stuff. Maybe a pounding bench? Or a musical instrument? We got dd a xylophone this year, and a couple of years ago got her a drum that she still plays with.

Books are also great, and are always a hit with my kiddo.

Good luck!
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Matching clothes from Hanna Andersson! That's my favorite.

For toddler toys - how about Automoblox? Those look like fun.

Mine is getting a hobby horse, books, a toy trumpet, dress-up clothes and hats, and a light-up straw.
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My baby is getting a new pouch
My boys are getting more Galactic Heroes. They are star wars figures. My husband is a bit obsessed and we bought them 2 years ago. We just bought so many they have birthday and Christmas's for a few years
I would think you could just look for anything made in the US and you'd be great, if you're worried about that
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I dont do the whole anti plastic thing so this may not apply...

but my babe is getting one of those floor mats with the little hanging thing over it with the soft toys hanging off of it. Its almost her only present really. My 2 yo is getting a ton of stuff including wooden puzzles (the kind with the little knobs on the pieces) and a 'house' and blocks and a little people farm set etc.

I wanted to get them both waldorf dolls but I never got around to it.
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wow, these are all great ideas ladies! i'm glad you brought up getting made in the usa toys, i hadn't thought about that. she said i could just go shopping and she'd reimburse me, so that works. the only bummer is i don't think i can get mail order/ online stuff in time for monday's early gift exchange. stoked about shopping though w/ someone else's money!

thanks again mamas!
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That's what I do. My mom always just gives me the money and I go get them what I want to get them it's really nice that way. they're getting more geo trax for their current set.
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My husband made dd a play kitchen and I made her a no-sew tutu because she loves dressing up. I second magic cabin as a good source fro toys. Our little one is getting a HABA rattle.
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