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With which one? Longest was 5 hours start to finish, shortest was 50 minutes. Interestingly enough, longest was #2 and shortest was #5. I seem to have hit a plateau at 1 1/2 hours around #3 and the 50 minute labor was just an outlier from my norm.
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Originally Posted by OceansEve View Post
Just curious, how quick did you go from 0 to babe in arms (w/o induction)?
You mean zero dialation? I have no idea because I didn't have any vaginal exams. From the time my labor started until DS was born, 6 hours. My labor with DD was augmented with cervadil but both labors started with SROM. With DD I was dilated for 6 weeks before I was induced so if you count that I was in waiting forever.
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Originally Posted by OceansEve View Post
I have to ask - what were you singing?
Well it started off as oooo with each contraction in the beginning. I sounded on two different tones in and out and used that to focus on instead of the "pain".
Then I moved to Ohhhhh! as I was getting ready to transition.
Then it was AAAAHHHHHHHHH! (Just like in Whale Rider) Louder and higher with each contraction. And it wasn't screaming, because it was controlled vocalization through the whole birth.
My poor dad was outside in the lobby wondering what in the heck was going on, and my midwives where like, "wow, that is surreal" and I was completely outside of myself, so the singing was really my primal being. It was cool.
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With DD1 I was 4+ cm before ever going into labor, from when the contractions started, she was born 18.5 hours later.

I never had any exams with my MW with DD2, but I know I was several cm dilated again before labor started, this time labor was 8.5 hours long.
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I've never had a VE during labor, so I might have gone into labor already quite dilated, I'll never know and don't care.
My water broke as my first sign of labor with all 3.
#1 - 14 hours.
#2 - 1hr. 40mins.
#3 - 8 hours (but 3 of that was waiting for contractions to start after water broke). And even then it was an easy labor.
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My water broke in the middle of the night, not a gush but a pop and a very small trickle of liquid. 4 1/2 hours later, I was ready to push. But we had planned a hospital birth, so (between travel time and hospital logistics) I held our daughter in for an hour (from the time of my first urge to push).

Once I was allowed to push, they couldn't find our dd's heartbeat. I knew she was fine, but I knew I couldn't argue. So I was "forced" to push in the lithotomy position and endure an episiotomy. Grr!

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firt i was induced (and it was almost 14 hours- started at 2)

second, i felt my cervix opening at the beach on my LMP dd (later than O dd)
i was at about 2 then.
labor started around 6 in the morning, i had him at almost 6 at night. we got to the bc about an hour before he was born. 45ish mins before, i was at 6cm. imo, it would have been faster if i didnt have crazy people at my house and stayed home. and no i wasnt working against or trying to hold him in
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I went 26 hours before pitocin. : 30 hours start to finish. I wish someone would have told me it was okay to go that long at the time. I could have gone longer naturally. It hurt, but it was fun!
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DS1 I was dilated 1 cm @ my last pre-labor check. 22 hours from 1st contraction to birth.

DS2 I'm sure I was somewhat dilated prior to labor beginning. 6.5 hours from water breaking to birth.
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1 cm to babe in arms = 6 hours
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I dunno... LOL! I was 4-5 cm with #1 and had no clue. With him I went into active labor at ab out 9pm got to hospital at about midnight and was 7cm and had him at 7:26

with #2 I got to the hospital and had him 13 mins later. I woke up at 6 am to pee and had some bloody show. (I was already 3 cm before this when they stopped my labor at 34 weeks) felt the first teeeeeeeeny tiny contraction at 6:30 ish and had him at 8:13 am. I think it would of been sooner if we had gotten to the hospital faster.
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I can't believe all these 5 hour ish responses! This is a great thread! It is making me excited that maybe--just maybe--my second birth doesn't have to be a several day affair. After my marathon labor with ds I can't even imagine going from start to baby in only 5 or 6 hours or so. I can't wait to find out if that is what is in store for me this time!!
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I've never had a VE so I have no idea when '0' occured....or any other number for that matter, but at noon I was napping and woke with a contraction. And at 3.11pm I was holding my baby. Sooooo, 3 hours and some minutes.

First baby, second pregnancy, home birth. I'd had nights of contractions in the weeks prior though, but I don't know how dilated I was at any stage, so it's a moot point really.

You're right, it doesn't have to be a marathon
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I had 5 days of start and stop prodromal labor. On day 6, contractions started at 2am and went until 7pm the next evening so 41 hours total.

When I got to the hospital, I was 4cm and labored for 17 more hours before pushing my dd out.

I did Hypnobirthing and Hypnobabies so I was sure my labor wouldn't be that long but it was! I didn't use any drugs to augment or for pain relief.
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I was a couple of centimeters dilated for several days before labor actually began.
I was in labor for 10 hours.
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Well, my first was probably the only one that I started at a 0 with. The others I was probably 2 1/2 - 3 before labor actually started, but I have no idea with #5 because I wasn't checked!

Baby #1: 26 hours
Baby #2: 6 hours
Baby #3: induced. Spent hours on pitocin with nothing happening, but after my water was broken, he was here in about 2 hours.
Baby #4: Very erratic labor (posterior baby). First contraction about 1 p.m., then intermittently until they got somewhat regular in the evening. Baby born around 5 a.m.
Baby #5: 36 hours of labor. No kidding. Baby not positioned well, plus velamatous insertion of the umbilical cord.

Baby #6: ?? Strongly hoping for a repeat of #2!!
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Well, when I checked into the hospital I was at 3cm, 20% effaced. This was 10 hours after my water broke, and I put off going in hoping to get contractions started at home, which they never did. They put me on pit at 9:30 PM, and supposedly I was only at 4 cm and 60% effaced at 3:00 AM, 5.5hours later, but 30 minutes after that I was complete and pushing. So...either the doc who measured me the second time was nuts, or I went from 4 to complete in 30 minutes. Total labor from pit induction to delivery was 6.75 hours.
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I was 2-3cm for 4 weeks before giving birth.

I went from about 3cm to complete in 4 hours. I was given pitocin, but only after I was already completely dilated and pushing.
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All natural homebirths. I used Hypnosis for childbirth for each www.imagerybirthing.com With each I had days/weeks/months of prodromal labor. I had so many false alarms by my 3rd baby my mantra was, "It's not labor unless the baby is crowning."

1st - 18 hours from water breaking to babe in arms. Posterior and compound presentation.

2nd - 4 1/2 hours from starting labor to babe in arms. Perfectly positioned thanks to www.spinningbabies.com

3rd - 1 hour, 40 minutes from water breaking to babe in arms. Perfectly positioned thanks to www.spinningbabies.com
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DD1 was induced but it was 12 hrs.

DD2 was all natural...Total labor time including pushing was 4 hrs. BUT I went from 3 cm's to baby in my arms in only 1 hour!! : It was intense to say the least.
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