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Labor started Sunday (2cm after a full day of ctx)...

Continued through Monday (dilated 5cm)...

Continued through Tuesday (went through transition, dilated to 8cm, then ctx diminished for 15 hours)...

Baby born Wednesday morning.

So, 3 full days. It was a great labor and birth.
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Not a clue, since I didn't do VEs with either pregnancy. With dd1, water broke, first contraction 11 (? forgetting details right now) hours later, baby born, 6 (?) hours later. With dd2, 3 weeks of prodromal labor with possibly a slow leak, then 4 or so hours of "yup, baby's coming soon"...it's early morning and I'm fuzzy on the details right now, but that's more or less it.
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Ds- water broke at 4:30am and he was in my arms at 10:05am

Dd- water broke at 3:00pm and she was in my arms at 6:10pm
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With my first, it was six hours. (Although I'd been in labor for 50 hours before that.) With my three others I don't have any idea because I didn't allow cervical exams.
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water broke around 12:30 (was already a bit dilated and effaced but not much), at hospital around 5, fully dilated and paying attention to contractions at 7, babe in arms at 8:40.
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Almost 30 hours.

Originally Posted by StrawberryFields View Post
I can't believe all these 5 hour ish responses! This is a great thread! It is making me excited that maybe--just maybe--my second birth doesn't have to be a several day affair. After my marathon labor with ds I can't even imagine going from start to baby in only 5 or 6 hours or so. I can't wait to find out if that is what is in store for me this time!!
A big DITTO to that!
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I count myself lucky that it took 7 hours from first contraction to baby in arms. Very surprising since it was my first and I'd always heard that first babies can take a long time to come.
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I had 2 short and intense labors. With my first, I was a couple CM dilated for several days. The contractions started about 1:30 a.m. My midwife told me to try and get some sleep, but that wasn't happening, lol. They were a couple minutes apart very quickly, so we went to the birth center by 4 a.m., and my DD was born at 6:35 a.m.

With #2, we had a home birth. My water broke about 9:30 p.m., and the contractions started about 45 minutes after that. Again, it went really quickly. My MW got there by about midnight and DD#2 was born at 1:35 a.m. after less than 5 minutes of pushing. With DD #2 getting out of the water and sitting on the toilet really did the trick. After a few seconds of that I was ready to push.
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With my third, I was checked at 40 weeks, no labor just BH and I was 5cm. A week later I finally went into labor. From first conttraction until he was in my arms 35 minutes.
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I don't think I was at 0 when I went into labor. However, start to finish labor was 21 hours.
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