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I know it's only a lamp...

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I just need to vent and cry if you mamas don't mind My 2yo just knocked over and broke my new lamp- well, it's my only lamp. I saved and bought it with my birthday money and a coupon I had. My living room is very, well, plain, we don't have lots of nice things and this lamp was the nicest thing I have. I can't stop crying- I know it's just a lamp and that there are so many bigger problems in the world, but it was mine, you know? And it was something that made my home look nice. I just feel so sad. He's at a horrible stage- hitting and spitting and tantruming all the time. I know he's just a very physical kid and that it will pass, but some days I feel like he's sucking the life right out of me. And I really really liked that lamp because it made my living room feel homey and warm and, I don't know if it makes sense, but it made me feel like my house was more like my mom's- homey and personal, not just plain and cold. I know it doesn't make any sense, I'm just rambling. I'm not an emotional person and I keep crying and I wish DH was home so I could get a hug

Thanks for listening to me
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We all have those days. I'm sorry about your lamp. I broke my great grandmothers plate about a year ago and sobbed for hours.
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I'm sorry! That sucks.
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I am sorry ... my house is so drab because i finally gave up years ago realizing i could never have anything nice until my kids left the house... lol ... now that time is approaching and my daughter had a 2 year old.... ugg will it ever end?

The other side though.. I don't know i just never wanted to have that house where you can't live in it ... like plastic covers on the couch... oh well.. maybe there is a happy medium I will discover someday...
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I understand
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I totally understand.

I don't have ANYTHING pretty in my living room, but I had this beautiful crystal basket that my uncle got me for my and DH's wedding. It's real crystal, it had a cute little handle and I put faux flowers in it and it set on my tv stand and was just the ONE really pretty thing I had...

Then James threw a ball in the house, knocked my beautiful crystal basket to the ground and broke off the handle. The basket is mainly intact, it's just a crystal bowl now...but it's still not the same, ya know?
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I'm soooo sorry Kayleezoo. I really know how you feel. A couple years ago my dd broke a shot glass I had bought from my trip to Scotland. I cried a very, very long time too. Its like, I give you everything - everything! All I want is this one teensy thing for me, and you go and break it. Argh.
Something like that?

Hang in there, I hope you feel better soon.
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Been there mama. It's OK to feel bad.
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I think we all get it about the lamp. It was YOUR lamp. I'm so, so sorry. Ya know, it's okay to be mad about it. Doesn't mean you don't love your kid. It was a good lamp and you liked it. I really am sorry.
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I'm sorry mama. That sucks.
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I completely understand. It wasn't just that he broke the lamp that's upsetting, but that it was important to you, you saved up for it, it made your home feel warm and look nice.

I have a beautiful nativity scene we got as a wedding gift. It's been on the mantle every Christmas since we bought our house around 8 years ago. This year my older DD has been climbing around on the fireplace a lot. Her hands are always just barely touching the nativity. I flipped out last week and yelled at her for continuing to climb around on the fireplace after I told her to stop because I don't want my nativity scene broken. Then I felt bad because it's just "stuff." But it was a wedding gift, and it's beautiful, and it has sentimental value, and I'd rather put that up than the tree, yk? It's not broken. And I don't want to box it up until they're older. I want to enjoy it as much as I can.
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I completely understand
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Aww, I completely understand why you're upset, I would be too.
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My almost 5 year old broke the glass of our wedding chalice

knocked it off the alter during a tantrum.

I'm with ya mama

HAve you seen the rose quartz lamps???????
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