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How many times do you wear your jeans before washing? - Page 2

Poll Results: Pick the "average" number in any given week

  • 3% (8)
  • 17% (36)
  • 34% (72)
  • 15% (32)
  • 14% (31)
  • 3% (7)
  • 11% (24)
    7 or more
210 Total Votes  
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It varies.... but I'd probably guess 3 or 4 times most of the time. Ironically, it usually depends on if I throw my dirty clothes on the floor or in the hamper. If they end up on the floor, I usually rewear, if they don't I usually don't.
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Most of my jeans are that stretch denim now so they loose their shape after wearing. I might wear them again at home but not out because they look really sloppy.
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I have 3 pairs that a switch between but I rewear them a lot. LOL One pair I have to wash more than others cause the butt gets saggy after a couple of wears. LOL

I re-wear shirts too if they pass the sniff test and it wasnt hot, sweaty, or visibly dirty.
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DH: until they walk to the laundry room on their own
Ha ha, my dh is the same. I think he would never wash them unless i made him take them off, and threw them in the wash for him. He literally lives in his jeans.
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I used to always wash mine after 1 time, but recently I have started to wear them for 2-3 days before washing unless they get visible dirt on them. I wash everything else after one use though.
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Do you really want to know?
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I wear 'em 'til they'll stand up on their own! They're comfiest after about a week anyway...:-)
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i put seven or more.

currently, i have only two pairs of casual pants: 1 jeans, 1 cargo. i just discovered that the cargo pants have a whole in them, and so they're waiting for a patch. I've worn this pair of jeans all but three days the past two weeks.

this isn't uncommon for me. LOL but, if they get really dirty, i'll wash them right away.

it just means that i have to wear one of three skirts, one of two dresses, or yoga pants (one of four pair). i prefer not to wear yoga pants when i'm not teaching.
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I voted 7 or more. Although I only wear jeans outside the house, which means about half an hour a day when I go out to pick up DS from school, plus maybe two hours shopping per week. When you add up the number my jeans only get worn about 6 hours per week. They seem to stay clean forever. I always change into comfy pants the moment I get home.
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7 or more.
I keep wearing mine until they look too gross to be seen in. Hey, they're jeans that's what they're for!
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About 3.
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I voted "3" but would wear them longer but 3 seems to be as long as I can go before my I/my toddler spills on me or he wipes his hands/nose/mouth on them!
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Originally Posted by binkin View Post
Um... too many

I actually don't own a pair that fit right now but normally I'd let them go a week's worth of wearings. I consider them to be kind of outer clothes like a sweater for some reason.
A week is my unofficial goal, but I put 5 in the poll. I'd wear them longer, but a week is about as long as we can reasonably go between laundry days unless we want to take up doing commando and to be realistic, getting through 5 days of wearings without spilling something on my pants would take divine intervention for me, these days.
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I don't go out much or, well....ever so I usually get about 10-14 wears before I wash them.

If they get gross, however, I will wash them.

When we own our own washer, I'll probably wash them more, but not a lot.
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I voted 5 but if they get something spilled, slimed, or whatever on them it will be sooner than that.
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About 2. Sometimes more if I can get away with it.
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Originally Posted by Cloverlove View Post
My fashionista friend is really into Nudie Jeans and he washes them EVERY 6 MONTHS!
I would hazard a guess he doesn't have kids.

My exception where I wash almost immediately is when I've been out all day in the garden/mud planting (and end up with mud running down my cleavage along with mud caked up to my knees) or mowing straw for said garden. If you've ever had straw or wheat chaff in your underwear, you're not alone. Or when the kids go decide to eat and roll around in the dirt/mud. At least they're happy about it.
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I re-wear almost anything but undies! Jeans I only go out in and so I only have those on a few hours at a time. So these get washed after I've worn them about 5 times. Work clothes, I work retail in usually 6 hour shifts...they're "business casual" type clothes, and get re-worn after wearing them about 2-3 times depending on just what it is. Around the house its cotton t-shirts and shorts/pj pants and those usually get worn twice as well. Once I wear something, I hang it up in the closet...my theory is that its airing out! Granted I also use this line when I haven't made my bed right away...that needs to air out too!
I've always done this...saves time and money as I'm doing less laundry. I always figured it made my clothes last longer and less fading.
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I haven't had jeans for about 15 years :.
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