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DD is just so darn cute

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Erin is almost 2 months and she is learning to suck on her fingers to resettle herself and just because she is exploring her hands. She is giggling in her sleep and will take up to smile at momma when she is drifting off. what a sweetie
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Hazel is 3 months now and SO CUTE!
She watches me walk back and forth and now will talk and cough to get my attention. Then when I look over she raises her eyebrows and gives me the biggest grin.
Isn't it sweet?
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Erin makes googaa and googee, plus a and I swear she is trying out the "i" sound.

Hazel learned the fake cough already? wow, that is so funny when they do that.

erin will pout her lip but not cry...
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Maya farts like nobody's business. DH and I even made up a little song to sing to her about her gas passing antics. She's the cutest pooter I know.
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tristan loves his hands too

he just found his tongue, and its too cute. hes always sticking it out, and now he reaches in his mouth like hes trying to grab it, lol

hes 2.5 months old now
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Judah has started drooling and blowing bubbles. Last night DH was holding him and his shirt was getting totally soaked! Totally cute, though. (But definitely time to be looking into bibs!)

He is so social and loves to smile and laugh - and now he's ticklish! I got a short video of him yesterday with DS1 and I tickling him. He's just too sweet!
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ahhh, the drool, lol. we got a million bibs at the showers, and theyre definitly getting used
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