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Rowan was born 5/25/07 and is intact, as is his 6yo brother (and 3yo sister, for that matter).
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My DS was born in April 2007 and is intact. I never even contemplated doing anything else, even though DH is circumcised.
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Born 10-24-07 and is intact thanks to reading the truth about circumcision on MDC earlier this year.
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Casey Boy born 2*22*07!
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Originally Posted by Nathan1097 View Post
Just saw the title and wanted to point out that ALL babies are born intact- every year! ;-)
Good point...but you could also parse the title to mean "babies who ARE intact and WERE born in 2007"...or should I change the title?
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My sweet baby boy was born 8/27/07 and he's intact!
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DS2 April 2007 along with his cousin Dec 06 (an almost 2007 baby ) and older brother May 04.
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Elliot was born November 9th and he is intact and HAPPY!

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I had two nephews born and left the way God made them in 2007. One was a tough sell, but they did the right thing in the end

They joined my two intact sons... a good legacy!
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DS2 born in May! There's also at least one other little boy in our playgroup born this year and kept intact!
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My sweet boy born in July is intact! It took some convincing of my DH - but he finally gave in - he is the first boy in their family (all Jewish) to have his penis left alone!
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DS born in September!
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Not my kid, but a friend of mine- her DS was born this July and left intact!
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Originally Posted by LotusBirthMama View Post
Casey Boy born 2*22*07!
My baby boy Diego, also born 2/22/07, intact, joins older brother, also intact.
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my little guy born in january
my sister's baby born in march
the first intact children on our side of the family...only the second child on dh's side of the family... My sister and I have been talking with our siblings though (we are the only married/parents so far) and I think at least one more sibling is anti-circ...we'll keep working on them!

i also helped convince at least one mom in my DDC to keep her son intact! yay!
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feb baby boy still with all his parts attached.
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Jacen was born in February, and he is intact. There is a picture of him on my blog under Welcome post.
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My DS August CHristopher born in June is intact!!! DH's mom never circ'd so DH was adamant that we not....now I would never circ!!

The only thing is convincing my friends....
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Hi all! New here.

My son Daniel, born 11/28/07, is still just as nature intended.
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