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I don't have any sources anymore, and I was all drugged up without sleep for 4 days so things are really fuzzy. I forget what the official name of it. Something about the foreskin didn't grow all the way to cover the penis up completely. The very tip was still showing. That was the case when he was a newborn then one day it was all covered. No one ever retracted it or touched it other than to wipe poo off of it.
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So, just shorter than average at birth. "Natural mini-circ" made me shudder.
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Exactly, a variation of normal. I freaked when he used that term too. My eyes bugged but when he explained I was like..ummm kay.
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A friend of ours had a baby in oct and he is ALL there
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My son was born on the 4th of July 2007 and is intact.
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Our ds born in feb is intact.
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DS was born in April and is perfectly intact. My niece wants info for her baby.....let's hope I can convince her
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My first son Timmy, born March 3rd!
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Proud momma to an intact 10-month old!
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My nephew, a friend from work who I convinced with the Mens Health article, and any day now friend of mine. Now two of those were in Europe, so we hardly expected them to do it, but the friend from work and her husband were seriously consider having it done even though the dad is intact. Delighted I managed to bring it up
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A WHOLE 9lb 8oz legitimately born on daddy's birthday in April.
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My DS, Nathaniel entered the world in April and remains intact.
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My DS Orion was born in August and is intact... just like 99% of boys in our province.
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Jimmy was born in May.
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Jackson was born 10/1/07 and is intact. The first in many generations on both sides of the family. Much credit goes to the women who spread the word in this forum and on the rest of this site. Thank you!!
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I didn't have any boys this year, but my SIL's each had a boy.

NEITHER of them circed after the info I sent! One of them was still considering right up until after he was born... I was holding my breath on that one!
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My boy, born in June.
His friend "R", born in March.
His other friend "H", born in July.

But I only know of two circumsized boys under the age of five in our aquaintence anyway.
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Our first was born August 1st, and left intact. Pretty sure he's the first intact boy on EITHER side of the family!!
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My son was born June 8 and is intact! He is the only uncut babe I know of IRL.
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Jack was born May 8th and is intact! He is the ONLY baby I know IRL who is...I hope someday when my friends and family have more babies, they'll make better decisions.
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