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Slowed growth

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So I had my 33 w appointment with my midwife today- so far my weight gain has been good and measurements going slowly up. Well this week my measurement was still 31, which means I've only gone from 30 to 31 in over a month. Soo, she asked if I was opposed to an US, which I'm not, so I'll go for one on Monday.

Baby's heart rate and activity is great- so what does it mean if growth has slowed down? I know that chances are great that everything is fine, but I don't even begin to know what it means if growth has slowed at this point? Any ideas or btdt?

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I'm not an expert by any means, but at my last two appts. the OB has made a point to explain that measurements don't always follow the 1cm/week rule anymore at this point.

Try not to worry too much between now and then. Activity and a good heartbeat are great signs!
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Mine slowed down after 30 weeks too...I wonder if that's just a normal time for things to slow down a bit?
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I've BTDT w/ #2 and everything was FINE. My fundal height dropped off over the course of a month, when it got to be a full 4cm smaller than it should have been, my Dr. did an US to check for IUGR. Basically they check to make sure baby is growing consistantly, not a big head and small body. My DD was fine, but she did measure smaller than her dates, but my Dr was fine w/ that, as long as she was growing. You might also ask about doing a NST, where they watch baby's HR for about 20 minutes and make sure she's having accels and decels. Good luck and think positive! Oh, and thtat DD is still really small, even at age 2. She's just petite. My first was 8lb4oz, second was 1/2 oz shy of 7lbs. Everyone is different!
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I'm measuring 2 weeks behind after measuring pretty spot on for the rest of my pregnancy. However, I know the baby has dropped so none of us are worried. There is alot of dispute on how accurate fundal height is anyway. There are so many things it doesnt take into account.
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I had the same issue at 33wks and now (at 37wks) baby is still small (5th percentile as per weekly u/s and we just got labeled "IUGR" . Everything else is perfect....cord, anatomy, placenta, fluid, my BP/Sugar, etc. MW isn't too concerned and just says we're having a small baby, but they want to continue with weekly u/s to make sure that baby continues to grow.

I am taking the MWs lead on this and trying not to stress about it. For what it's worth, I lost a bunch in the beginning and at 37 wks am just 4.5lbs above pre-pregnancy so they were concerned about that as well.

Maybe you are headed for a growth spurt, or you could have the u/s and baby could be right-on for growth.

Keep us posted!
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Thanks for the encouraging words. I've been growing each week- sometimes ahead and sometimes behind, I guess she was just a tiny bit concerned because I hadn't grown this time. Honestly I'm not too worried, I know we'll have a small baby anyway and am guessing that's why. My weight gain has been good (haha, I guess), 28 pounds so far and I started out a few pounds under what I was "supposed" to be.

Anyway, I have my appointment on Monday and will let you all know then!
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I've been consistently ahead by 2 weeks with this pregnancy, but last time? : I found some books( sorta journals) I had written in for my last one, and I had some interesting numbers. One month I was 2 weeks ahead, next I was 1 behind, then we got to 1 week appointments and I was all over the place. Sooo, it could be positioning, how hydrated you are, or just bad measuring, kwim? I ended up gaining 30lbs total,btw.
Can't say that this time
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Well I had my US on Monday- of course the tech can't tell you anything for sure, but she was amazingly friendly and went quickly- she didn't have to re-check or double check anything, which always makes me feel good. We were able to re-check that she is still a she (always a good thing) and got some amazing views of baby's face- eyes opening and closing, stuff like that. I haven't gotten my call from the MW either, which means things are fine Yipppeeeee!
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Soo glad to hear your good news!!
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So happy to hear things are going well! I have my next u/s tomorrow and am hoping for some major growth!
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