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T E R M !!!!

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Alright, I know there's a couple of us there....37 weeks, baby!!!!

Even though I know it's all arbitrary and there is no such thing as a "right" length of pregnancy and 37 weeks is not a magic number, I just feel a little lighter somehow...like I'm really in the home stretch and I'm actually going to have a baby soon!

Join up here when you hit "full term"!!!!!
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I know what you mean! It's so nice to know that the end really is near!
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I'm 37+4 (or 37+3 or 37+2 or 37+1 depending on which due date you go by - I had three or four of them given to me early on) and I can COMPLETELY understand the sentiment! At the same time though, it's kind of hard to believe that it's gone so fast.

I'm just kind of glad no one insists on going by my LMP and accepts my chart - I'd be in a different DDC! As it is I'm kind of straddling two.
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37 weeks today!!!!

There is definately something to be said for hitting this point. I definately feel a sense of "wow, I've been pregnant for 37 whole weeks!....time flew!"....while at the same time it still seems like delivery may be so far away....If that makes any sense at all!

Today we are in the midst of a major winter storm (snow/ice/sleet so I am inviting the baby to stay at least another night in the womb!
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I am so jealous! I'm not expecting her until the end of Jan and it's driving me bananas. Congrats on term, mamas!!
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I'm 37 weeks today! This pregnancy has flown by.
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Wow, it's crazy that some of you are that close already. Of course I'll be one of the last (not due until the end) but it's fun to see people getting so close!
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oooo me!! I'm 37 weeks + 3! I can't believe I'm here already! I know it's arbitrary, but I feel like now it could be any day. I try to keep reminding myself that it could still be a month away.
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It makes me feel accomplished. like, wow, i've really made it THIS FAR! I also feel like I am in the "safe" zone, still not ready, but if things were to happen, I would feel okay about it.
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5 more days for me, although I figure if I go into labor on Monday night, chances are that the baby won't come until Tuesday, so my mw's could still attend. That's the weight off of my shoulders---I'll no longer have to go to the hospital (or stay at home UC, which we're not planning on) and my mw's can attend. Wa-hoo! In reality the baby is going to bake a few more weeks, I'm sure, but it will certainly feel good to get there in a few days, where I won't have to worry about where we'll be birthing!
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I still can't believe that I cracked the 30 day mark yesterday.... I won't be 37 weeks until next Friday.
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2 more days I will be 37!!

I just noticed it before coming to this board. I still don't feel ready - it still feels SO far away. But I did just decide on baby's first outfit and am washing all the clothes, changing table pad, etc. tonight.
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Yep, I'm 37w3d today and I'm sooo ready! I feel like this pregnancy flew by in comparison to dd's though.
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Oh yeah!! I'm 37 weeks today and have the worst sore throat ever - I hope baby waits until I'm over it before he/she comes...
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Originally Posted by BeanyMama View Post
I am so jealous! I'm not expecting her until the end of Jan and it's driving me bananas. Congrats on term, mamas!!
Same here! I'll just be 34 weeks this Saturday.
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I'm officially 37 weeks now. :
Only 3 more weeks to go!
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I'm 37+2 weeks today!!
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I always have to take a deeeeeeeeeeep breath when I look at my desktop ticker and it says something like "Only 18 days to go."...
Um, eek? :
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37 weeks today!
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I can't wait to join you guys. dd1 was born at 35 weeks so this part of pregnancy is always a bit stressful for me. Can't wait to hit 37 weeks!
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