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Aug 08 - Who We Are

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I know there are some besides myself who would like to count their angel babies in the "kid number." If you are one of them, PM me to change your number - and tell me what to change it to!

Everyone PM me if you want your info changed. That way we won't clutter the thread.

158 due in August!

adudynskyj (Angie) #2 EDD 26 (C/S 8/22)

Aithne #1 EDD 5

AKA_PI (Monique) #1

Alathia (Alex) #2 EDD 17

alexysmommy (Amy) #3 EDD 21

alicia9178 #6 EDD 10

allborntogrow #2

AmyLaz (Amy) #3 EDD 31

amymaew (Amy) #3

andrea #3 EDD 23

AngelaM (Angela) #1

annekka #2 EDD 27

apelilae (April) #2

Astoria #3 EDD 13

Audreysmama (Amy) #4 EDD 18

Ayame87 (Amber) #1

BakerALM (Andrea) #2 EDD 7/31

banana75 (Anna) #4

barefootpoetry #2 EDD 16

becomingme #1 EDD 14

berrybear (Mary) #1 EDD 22

bethanphetamine (Bethany) #2 EDD 17

bettie cracker (Kirsten) #2 EDD 23

BoBoBo (Bo) #4

brandybehr (Brandy) #5 EDD 6

CajunQueen (Meshele) #4 EDD 14

cameo (Cameo) #4 EDD 18

Chimpmandee (Mandy) #2

Coraleesmama #3

cosmostar (Daisy) #1 EDD 17

CountrylivinmomtoB (Erica) #2

crnnoel (Corinne) #2 EDD 18

CTH3989 (Chelci) #2 EDD 13

deliarose (Delia) #3

diamond lil (Lori) #1 EDD 18

DoulaSarah (Sarah) #4 and #5

earthdwellingmama #2

earthybirthydoula (Lydia) #2

EdenLove (Eden) #1 EDD 21

EmilyS #2

EthansMom (Kelli) #3

FallonsMomma #2 EDD 4

FeingoldMomma (Laura) #2 EDD 9

femuhnistmama #4 EDD 23

forsythia (Nicole) #4

fridgeart #2

frontierpsych #1

fyoosh (Amy) (surrogate for Baby cosmostar) EDD 17

gagin37 (Claire) #1 EDD 24

goldfinch #3

greenmom4 (Kim) #3 EDD 16

guitarmama (Heather) #2 EDD 20

heatherRN #2 EDD 25

holothuroidea (Nic) #1 EDD 14

hookahgirl (Whitney) #2 EDD 8

hopeandolive (Kari) #2

HulaJenn (Jenn) #3 EDD 7/30

hyz #1 EDD 7/29

jbmill2 (Anne) #2

jennifer_lc1 (Jennifer) #1 EDD 4

jennykilbo (Jenny) #1

joyfulnoises (Erin) #4 EDD 28

judahsmom (Michelle) #2

julbgs #3 EDD 29

jule924 #3 EDD 9/1

jumpincholla (Abby) #2

jwpsgurl (Jessica) #2

katie+3 (Katie) #3 EDD 8

kcsunshine (Kathy) #3 EDD 28

kimfn (Kim) #2 EDD 10

Klynne (Kari) #2 EDD 14

krisalee (Kristie) #7

LAMommy (Brandi) #2 EDD 15

Laniemama (Holly) #3 EDD 21

Leisha #1

Ligeia (Hannah) #2

lilithlives (Erin) #2 EDD 10/11

Love_My_Babies (Janel) #3 EDD 28

lovemycorgis #1 and #2 EDD 1

LowFlyingAnimals #3 EDD 21

luvmom #2 EDD 16

Mama Ashley (Ashley) #2 EDD 22

mama parrot (Jessica) #3 EDD 8

Mamatolea (Kara) #2 EDD 8

mamatotwo #3 EDD 11

mama2eb #2

mama2toby (Stella) #2 EDD 24

Maximeee (Maxime) #1 EDD 25

MeaganN (Meagan) #1 EDD 20

Megan73 #3 EDD 11

meredyth0315 #4 EDD 25

minsch1 (Mindy) #3 EDD 4

MissMaegie'sMama (Alissa) #3 EDD 18

miztrezzlyn (Lyn) #5 EDD 5

mommyddeville (Denice) #2 EDD 14

MoMommy (Sarah) #3 EDD 19

moonstruck #2 EDD 1

MomsHelpingMoms #3 EDD 12

MomtoTs (Carla) #5 EDD 19

mquade (Melissa) #1 EDD 4

mrsdouglas5 #2 EDD 15

Mrshawwk (Beth) #4 EDD 11

MsMom (Kim) #2 EDD 19

my5girls (Shireen) #6 EDD 8

Naomi'sMommy (Alana) #2 EDD 3

NaturalMamaof2 (Cayla) #2 B.Day 24

naturegirl (Cheryl) #5

Neabeth #2

NormaJean13 #1 EDD 8

Ohmel (Melinda) #3

Oliversmommy (Alisson) #2

Pavlovs (Jordana) #2

peacelovingmama (Kate) #4

PennyRoo #2 EDD 17

potatocraft (Shawna) #1 EDD 9

psychocandy (Amanda) #1

purplesmiley (Stella) #6 EDD 8

Pyrodjm (Dana) #1 EDD 14

Qalliope #2

Quakermaid (Cynthia) #2 EDD 24

Queline #8 EDD 7

quietasariot (Kelly) #2 EDD 22

quinek (Kylee) #1 EDD 26

radiowave (Aimee) #1 EDD 8

redebeth (Elizabeth) #4 EDD 16

redfern (Sue) #2 EDD 17

robertandenith (Enith) #3 EDD 7/30

rockingmybabe (Rachel) #3

ryansma (April) #2 EDD 28

sapphire_chan EDD 18

Sarah W

saving_grace #2

shescomeundun #1 EDD 7

Shiloh #4

Shy0717 (Shy) #1 EDD 24

Sigrid #3 EDD 28

Slabobbin (Robyn) #3

SN-Mommy (Sarah) #2

solejean (Peggy) #1 EDD 1

19spitfire #2

SuperKitten (Tabitha) #1 EDD 28

sweetney #2 EDD 6

taboulichic (Stacey) #3 EDD 22

TayTaysMama (Sascha) #3 EDD 13

thankfulblessedmom #2 EDD 22

tinyactsofcharity (Rebecca) #1 EDD 1

treehugginhippie (Tina) #2 EDD 24

tulips117 (Liz) #3

turalis #1 EDD 23

UllaBulla (Keri) #2 EDD 8

veronicalynne (Veronica) #3

wednesday #2

westernskies #6 EDD 8

wood_anemone (Martha) #1 EDD 10

YoungMomma2be (Sarah) #1

zoebird #1 EDD 15+

zoie2103 (Zoie) #3 EDD 15

zonapellucida (Heidi) #9 EDD 11

Zookum #1 EDD 23

Zucchini #1 EDD 11

Zuzu822 #2 EDD 4

ardejesus1 (Ashley) #4
Bella Catalina (Brooke) #2
BlissfullyLoving #2
Got_Cloth (Melissa) #8
leobabe (Krista) #2
LiamsMommy31905 (Leah) #2
LoveMyJonah (Ali) #2
MamabearTo4 (Lori) #5
MaryLang (Mary) #4
Megan_in_Holland (Megan) #1
PrayinFor12 (Holly) #2
Rivka5 (Rivka) #2
Tellera #2
texaspeach (Amanda) #1
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My name is Holly. I've been married 1 1/2 years. I'm 25 and live in IL.
We have one daughter, who's hangin' out in Heaven. I'm working on DC #2.
We're both red-heads, Christians, and introverts.

Who are y'all?
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I'm Amy. I'm married to Ed - he's a truck driver. He has a 20 yo son from a previous relationship and we have two sons - Keith turned 5 in October and Henry turned 1 on 11/14. We live south of Philly
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I'm Beth. I'm 30, live near Seattle and have three children, 5, 3 and 2. I've been married 11 years. I too am a Christian, happily involved in church and family activities. I love cooking and studying nutrition and Star Wars, hence my tag line. Oh, and I'm due Aug 11, but my last baby was 3 weeks late (and healthy), so I'll just say end of August.

Prainfor12, are you praying for 12 children? My husband is the oldest of 14.

Nice to meet you all! I look forward to the next 9 months getting to know you all in this forum.
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I'm Erica, I'm 27. I have a daughter, Braylynne who is 3. She still is nursing strong. Husband is Steve, he is 29. We tried for about 2 years for this little one, so I'm praying it's a healthy pregnancy. My last pregnancy i had Pre-E, but hoping and praying it skips me this time.

We plan on having a homebirth- hoping to meet with a few midwifes next week.

We are both Christians, live out in the country and love living simply. We live outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
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I am Ashley, 27. I am married to Jose, 33. We live in Glen Allen, VA which is a suburb of Richmond. I have 3 children already and hopefully one on the way. My children are: VJ 11, Anthony 9 and Amaya 20m.

We are going for our first homebirth!!!! I am excited about it, hubby is scared.

We too are Christians and active in our church. We also homeschool our children.
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Nice to meet everyone! I am Kate, attorney-turned-stay-at-home-Mom (although I do plan to practice again one day), married to Ryan, engineer. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area with our 3 children (ages 5,3, and 8 months) and dog. I am a secular humanist/pacifist/agnostic.
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I'm Tina. I'm 31. DH and I have been married 8 yrs now. We live in FL. We're Christians too. I have a DD who will be 4 in less than 8 weeks. We wanted to TTC when she was 27 mo but I didn't get my 1st ppaf until she was 35 mo (when she started sleeping through the night on her own). Then I conceived but m/c in March. We've been trying ever since. DD isn't nursing anymore.

We have been wanting this baby for so long. I'm so happy to be here and get to know everyone. Oh and we are planning a home waterbirth w/ a midwife. So excited to do that too...well...so excited about everything re: pregnancy, labor & babies. Can't wait to do it all over again

p.s. CountrylivinmomtoB - in regards to the Pre-E...have you heard of the Brewer Diet? It's supposed to help prevent Pre-E and some other things I think. I did eat 80-100 grams of protein when I was preggo w/ DD but my midwife never called it the Brewer Diet but it looks to be about the same as far as the protein requirement. Just thought I'd throw that out there
p.s.s.- I also read some of your blog...we have a few things in common. Too bad we live in different states
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I'm fridgeart, and I'm Canada. We have one DD who's 28 mos, and I returned to teaching high school art when she turned 2. Since peeps are talking religion, we don't follow any formal teaching-we just try to be good people and make the world a nicer place to be
I have a MW (sadly, not the MW who delivered DD-she's on vacation in August!) and am planning a hospital birth as we live kind of far out, should anything go wrong. Luckily here it's a little different-the MW makes all the arrangements, and I don't really have to deal with anything hospital-y, and if all goes well (as it did last time), I'll be home 3 hours after delivery.
Looking forward to getting to know all of you!
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Hi! I'm Leah, 32, wife to Colin, 34, and mommy to Liam, age 2.5.

We live in a rural part of Connecticut and love it here. We are non-denominational - my parents taught me about Christianity and Judaism (we celebrate both sets of holidays) as well as non-Western religions, which is the way we are raising our son & future children.

In my past life, I was a psychologist working mainly with children aged 3 to 10 manifesting behavioral, emotional, and learning difficulties. One of my main areas of focus was children with autistic spectrum disorders. I'm now a full-time mom and LOVE every second.

We were thrilled to break free of months of infertility hell yesterday.

We will be giving birth in a hospital setting again due to major delivery complications when I had Liam. To make a long story short - my placenta didn't deliver itself (my OB was eager to get it out 10 minutes after delivering DS for some unknown reason) so she manually pulled it out and in the process tore it completely from my uterus and caused me to hemorrhage. I lost over half of my blood volume in seconds and I almost died.

So, yeah. I'm scared to deliver again. Luckily that OB is no longer with the practice. She sucked.

I'm hoping this pregnancy is a lot better than my first one: high blood sugar (but not enough to be considered diabetic), hypertension, severe edema, and pre-e. What fun...but the end result is SO worth it.

Looking forward to getting to know all of you throughout our journey.
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Hi, I'm Rivka. I'm 34. I live in Baltimore with my husband Michael, who is 40, and our daughter Alex, who will be 3 in April.

Right now I work 4 days a week as a psychologist, doing a combination of research and clinical work with people who have HIV. Eventually I'm planning to cut back to less time and homeschool my kids; for now, Alex is in a great play-based nursery school three days a week.

We're Unitarian-Universalists and extremely active in our church. I'm teaching a sex education program for the junior high kids this spring - it should be interesting to do that as I get bigger and bigger! Sort of a class project, or a cautionary tale, or something.

I love to read, hike, listen to Celtic music, cook and eat good food, journal, and play goofy games with my kid. We enjoy living in a very diverse neighborhood in the center of the city, where we can walk everywhere.

I had a great first pregnancy and delivery, and then huge postpartum problems when Alex and I were unable to get breastfeeding to work. (We had a "perfect storm" combination of problems, including gastric reflux disease on Alex's part and recurrent antibiotic-resistant mastitis on my part.) My biggest hope is that breastfeeding will go more smoothly this time.
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Hello! I'm Angela. I'm 31, and am due with my first in August. I am a lesbian, and a single parent-to-be by choice, and conceived after six months of inseminations with donor sperm.

Though I call myself a single parent, I have a girlfriend who I have been dating for about a year. Her involvement in my parenting process is still unclear; we're sort of figuring it out as we go along. I also have a great support network of friends and family, who are very excited about welcoming this baby into the world with me. In fact, my mother will be moving to Rhode Island, where I live, to help me with child care, parenting, etc. I'm really excited about the opportunity to create a new model of family, and particularly excited to have a chance to spend more time with my own mother in the process. I'm also terrified about becoming a parent, which I hear is normal. Seriously though, I do have a lot of anxiety about parenting without a full-time partner. I spent so much time, money, and energy on getting pregnant that once it happened, I felt a little shell-shocked. Slowly, that's wearing off, and I'm getting really excited again. But, it's definitely been an emotional process for me.

In the rest of my life, I'm a PhD student, and will (hopefully!) be done a fairly large chunk of my dissertation by the time baby arrives. I will then have most of a year to stay home, finish up my diss, and hang out with the kid, before becoming a WOHM.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone over the next eight months!
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I'm Denice. I'm 26 and live in eastern Washington, in Spokane. I'm a SAHM to Sam (almost 3), and Abigail (15 months). I've been married for 4 years (at the end of this month) to Jimmy. He's 23 and a computer programmer. We're Christian, but not the 'conservative christian' that people think about normally. We're part of a small startup church (started by our home church). I enjoy knitting, spinning, sewing, and reading, especially if the book has more than 7 words on each page.

I'm due on Aug 14, but my babies do NOT like to think of being born early, so I'm just telling people it's the end of August. We're completely shocked that we're having this baby. Honestly, I was about 99% sure my body still wasn't back to normal because I'm still nursing both of my children. I got a positive pregnancy test and got dizzy, I was so surprised!

I look forward to meeting some like minded moms over the next 8 months.
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Hi, I'm Megan (25), married to Rick (28). I was born and raised in Texas, and moved to the Netherlands after college to be with my then-boyfriend, who is now my husband. This will be our first child.

We really want to raise our kids bilingually-- we plan on each speaking our native language to them (English for me, Dutch for DH) and then maybe switching to all English at home once they're old enough to go to school and
pick up Dutch there. We'll see how it goes!

Um, about me.... I studied Mesoamerican archaeology before I moved here, couldn't find any jobs in that field in the Netherlands (surprise! ) and so am now working on finishing up an MA in Dutch-English translation. I start work at a translation agency in January... I'm sort of nervous about telling them I'm pregnant, but I guess there's still time for that. Once the babe is born, I want to try working from home part-time, which is luckily easy to do within this field.

I've got PCOS and was supposed to go on Clomid next month since I very rarely seem to ovulate on my own, which made this pregnancy an especially welcome surprise. Let's see, what else? I loooove baking, mill my own grains, and am really into cooking, especially Indian, Thai, and Indonesian cuisines. And since everyone seems to be talking religion: I'm an atheist, as is DH, but we hope our kids will learn to think critically and come to their own conclusions about religion and faith.

I'm really looking forward to getting to know you all, and learning from all the accumulated wisdom here!
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I'm Alisson, 28 and my husband is Mike, also 28. We actually met in high school and were really good friends, but didn't date until after college (once we started dating we were engaged in 3 weeks and married in 8 months). We've been married 5 years this March. We have a son, Oliver who turned one in November.

We live in Philadelphia in a great little community where I can walk to the store, restaurants and hiking trails and such. I am actually trying to finish a Master's Degree in middle school math, so I will be student teaching this Jan-March. I'm excited to do that, but nervous to leave Oliver. My mom will be taking care of him, so at least I feel good about that, although he has never been left with anyone but DH, so it will be tough at first.

We conceived in Rome while we were on vacation for Thanksgiving. Oliver was conceived on a road trip across the country (in Beaumont Texas unfortunately) so I feel like if we go for #3, there will have to be a good conception story!

We're really excited, wanted 2 close together. Ummm...I think that's all, otherwise I might ramble all day!
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Hey Mamas,

I'm Melinda, a SAHM in Cleveland OH. I'm originally from Baltimore but moved up here 11 years ago with my then boyfriend, now husband. I love it here! We've had two homebirths and will plan on doing the same with this one. I have a 5 yr old ds and an almost 2 yr old dd. We are homeschooling and are very happy to be in a community that is very open and supportive of different ideas. We attend a Unitarian Universalist church and I am quite active in the congregation. Prior to being a SAHM I was a software developer, dh still is.
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I am Robyn, 30, married to DH who is 33. We live in rural Tennessee. We have a six year old son and a 2 year old daughter who will be 3 in February. In a strange twist of fate, my children will all be exactly 3 1/2 years apart.

I have PCOS. My son was concieved when, by some fluke of nature, I actually ovulated one month. We actually had an appointment with an infertility specialist the month we found out we were expecting. We hadn't really been trying long but we knew that since I wasn't ovulating, there was no use in waiting the normal "year wait". We were thrilled. It was a hard pregnancy and a horrific birth but I have a *wonderful* son.

My daughter was concieved after a second IUI and two years on infertility treatment. It was a good pregnancy and a wonderful birth.

I have been on Metformin since last October and have been having regular periods and have lost over fifty pounds. This one was a shock but a welcome one. We weren't really trying but we weren't preventing either. I just didn't think I could get pregnant without help.

I am Pagan, a "green witch" so to speak. We live a pretty natural life. We live out in the country, grow our own food, have chickens, etc. I homeschool my six year old. I love reading and thrift store shopping. Not sure what else to say!
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Hi All!

I'm Monique (26), dating Kennith (31) for a year. We've actually known each other for almost 2 years and started dating on NYE last year, and recently ended up with the best "accident" in the world. We both live in Atlanta, I work for CDC and he works for AT&T. This is a first child for us both.

As far as raising the child, we haven't discussed if we will move in together/get married/ or continue as-is but one thing we have decided on is that we're in this together.

We talked about trying for a baby next year; I wanted to at least give it a shot starting Labor Day, we did and I gave up at the beginning of November. Little did I know that on that fertile day we did the deed and *pop*, our little bundle was conceived. LOL

I'm very excited, nervous, anixous and happy about being pregnant. Our families are excited for us yet we haven't told any friends yet (maybe at the first of the year).

Forgot to mention that I'm a Christian and he's agnostic but we both agree that religion/spirituality for our child will be his/her choice.
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I'm Delia, 32, a sahm in the Richmond, VA area. DH and I have been married for 7 years. I have a 3 year old DD and a 14 month old DD. I am still nursing the youngest and hope to tandem nurse again. I am uncertain of my due date, but assume it is towards the middle of August. I will have a hospital birth with this baby like the others, but will have a midwife in a lovely birthing wing like DD #2. That was a great experience and nice and fast. If need be, I can labor in a pool, which is a really cool thing!

Look forward to getting to know everyone.
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Hi, I'm 26, DH is 35, and we live in Pittsburgh, PA with our two big dogs, and two Angora rabbits. I'm an attorney and he's a medical resident. We've been together for 7 years, but only married 6 months. This is our first time being pregnant, and we're so excited, but nervous too--trying not to get too excited until we get a little further in.

I'm mostly vegan, DH is an omnivore, and we both love the outdoors, animals, old crafts, etc. and are concerned with sustainable living. I ride horses, and garden (I try to grow a lot of the food we eat), and also like knitting, have just started learning to spin, quilting, I've done some cheesemaking, etc. DH loves backpacking, skiing, plays the piano, and is getting into woodworking. We have an old house, which we love, and have been doing a lot of DIY projects in our almost non-existent free time. We live in the city now, in a neighborhood we love, but dream of moving farther out to land someday so we can expand our menagerie and raise country kids.
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