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I've been posting a bit on here and mostly lurking, I think I posted an intro weeks ago but wanted to add me here also.
I am Kelli just turned 29 married to dh also 29 for 6 years(12/29)......lots of 29s going on...sheesh. We have been together since the summer after I graduated from HS so like 9 1/2 years. We had ds before we got married but had been engaged for like 2 years, so yeah he was a welcomed surprise. Ds was born in the hospital medicated and had difficulty bf him for the first 3 months....went on to nurse him through my pg with his sister and he weaned right before his 5th birthday. I had dd at home and she nursed right away and was 2 1/2 lbs bigger than her brother! I am still nursing her like 1-3 times a day even though I know its more for comfort...I plan to continue until she wants to, hopefully through the winter at least! Very few people know about this new one coming as my family wouldn't be thrilled at all. DH's parents are ecstatic about it though. I work partime at a pg,cb,bf, parenting resource center which is also a store. The owner is a IBCLC so I am her secretary mostly as she does consults alot. I have been there 6 1/2 years and plan to work through until this baby is about a year or so and then will quit. I am in b/w the late Aug. early Sept ddc's so you all will see me around and I am looking forward to sharing this magical time with you ladies! Sorry for the short novel....
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Pregnant with number 4 in August.
First summer baby......
Girl, Boy, Boy
not sure if I want to find out for this next one.
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hi my name is krista.
i'm an instructor therapist in an autism program, and my husband is a teacher.
we attend a non-denomination unitarian church, and try very hard to be good people, and step lightly on the earth. we are bookish, introverts but like dinner parties with good friends.
we live in a small, beautiful city right on the lake.
we are excited, but nervous about this second child, as our first child has slight delays and asperger like symptoms. however he is a wonderful, wonderful kid and has taught us alot.
i just hope for a healthy, happy, easygoing baby, and i'm not getting too hung up on how he/she gets here. so if it's hospital i'm ok with that.
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Thanks for reminding us... I didn't see this!

Due August 6 with babe number 2!
DH and I have a daughter who just turned one.

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I'm Lori, mama to 4 - DS1 (11), DS2 (4), DD (3), DS3 (18m). I'm in a suburb of Cleveland, planning another homebirth after 3 hospital births. I think I'm due on the 1st, but maybe not - my cycles had been 24 days for several months... I'm still a little confused about that part.

I'm certain that I'm carrying another girl.
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Hi Mamas,

My name is Alissa, and this is my first post to MDC, although I've technically been a member for awhile. Looks like my husband and I are expecting a SURPRISE kiddo sometime in mid-August (darn those post-Thanskgiving cocktails!)--going by my LMP, our EDD would be the 18th, but my last cycle was a little shorter than usual, so it could be a little earlier than that.

I'm also the mom of two awesome kids: 9-year-old Liam (11/18/98) and 2-year-old Maegan (12/30/05). Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em!

I'll probably do a hospital birth like I did with my first two kids-- I labor very fast and I'm not sure I could trust a midwife to get to my home in time for the birth! I live 5 minutes away from the hospital my primary care doc does her deliveries at, so I think I'll work with her again.

As for me, I'm 31. Away from home, I'm a full-time student. I decided a few years ago to go back to school to get a degree in something sciency (I was an art student back in my previous incarnation as a childless young woman). It could just be my way of prolonging my youth.

Looking forward to getting to know you over the coming months!
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Hi everyone, I'm from northern California. I am 37 and dh is 38, so we are "older" this time around. My dh and I have 2 kids already, dd9 and ds6. We weren't having anymore children because I had serious complications with the last two births (toxemia with the first then an infection after the c-section, both problems ignored by the medical personell) , but sometimes fate takes over, so we are having number 3! And...we are both so excited! I am hoping to have a vbac this time and a good birth experience. I am thinking I will try the hypnobabies program this time to help with focus and anxiety. We homeschool and do nature treks for fun. Right now I'm just trying to catch up around the house because we moved recently. My dh and I feel that within the last year our lives have changed for the better and we are hoping that this birth follows suit.
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Hi all,
Im Melissa, and i am 29 years old, and married for almost 10 years.( 3 more months LOL) I have 3 living children, ( all girls), and 4 stillborn, ( 2 boys, 2 girls) and I am pregnant and due Aug 3rd with number 8. We live outside of Phoenix Arizona, and hope to move north east next year. We asre planning our second homebirth ( first live homebirth) and we cannot wait. We also homeschool, so I cannot wait until I am over this terrible Morning sickness, and we can get back on track with that.

I guess that is me..
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I'm a newbie, from the beautiful west coast of Canada. Expecting my 2nd babe in August- not sure my exact dd yet. Looking forward to the process with you all
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I am Brandy, married for coming up on 9 years to Kirk. We have 4 kids, Sydney is 8, Addison is 6 1/2, Kiera is 5 and Julius is 2. Sydney was in hospital with an OB, Addison in hospital with a GP and a doula. Kiera was home with a midwife (in water) and Julius was home in water, unassisted. I plan to have this one unassisted as well, in water.
I am a birth doula, childbirth educator and student midwife, we live in Northern Alberta (Canada).
This latest baby is due August 6.
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I never formally introduced myself on this thread.
I am a 33 year old Canadian (Ottawa) stay at home mom.
I have a 5 yo daghter and 3 yo son, who I still breastfeed a couple of times a day. I tandem nursed my kids for 2+ years. I will tandem again if my son keeps going.
We ttc for about two years. My first two were conceived rather quickly in comparison, so we were surprised to have difficulties. I was pregnant in September, but that sadly ended in a miscarriage in Oct (5/6 weeks). I became pregnant again before getting my period back and am now 9 weeks pregnant, due on August 11, according to my charting calculations.
I am so happy to be here with you all!
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I'm celebrating being nine weeks pregnant today by finally officially joining this DDC!
This is my third pregnancy after two losses. My dear, dear husband and I are scared but hopeful that we'll get to keep this little one, EDD Aug. 11.
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Nice to see you !!!!!!!!!!
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My name is Amy, and i am mama to an almost 3 year old girl and an almost 2 year old boy. I can still not believe i am pregnant again! This baby bean is due 8/21/2008. We have been ttc for about a year..more seriously over the past few months..I think this baby will complete our family!
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Hello all, Im Sara, Im 19, I will be 20 about 2 weeks before my due date. This is my first child. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years. We have a home together. We have picked out an engagement ring for me.. so im hoping a proposal comes before the baby does . I plan on nursing and cloth diapering my baby. I also plan to have my child naturally in a birthing center. I look forward to getting to know all of you in the next 8 months .
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Hi everyone. I'm Kirsten, in Lexington, KY. I'm a SAHM to Violet (4 in feb) and wife to Scott, who is a tattooer. We are expecting number 2 on August 23rd.
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Originally Posted by bettie cracker View Post
Hi everyone. I'm Kirsten, in Lexington, KY. I'm a SAHM to Violet (4 in feb) and wife to Scott, who is a tattooer. We are expecting number 2 on August 23rd.

Hi Kirsten and Welcome! I wanted to mention...my DD turns 4 in Feb too and my due date is August 24th w/ #2 ...what a coinsendence
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Originally Posted by treehugginhippie View Post
Hi Kirsten and Welcome! I wanted to mention...my DD turns 4 in Feb too and my due date is August 24th w/ #2 ...what a coinsendence

Small world! One of my good friends has a son who is 3 days younger than my daughter, and is now about 4 weeks more pregnant than me! Total fluke, too!
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Hello All

I came by this board a few days ago looking for information on cloth diapers for my little one due Aug 23, and I've been back many times a day ever since. A friend of mine joined a board like this while ttc and pregnant with my godson and now I know what she was talking about. It's really neat to see stories and thoughts from people going through roughly the same experience.

So with out further delay, I'll quickly introduce myself. I'm a 29 year old teacher newly married to the love of my life. We've been together for four years and decided to get married and try for a baby at the same time. We had our first positive test a week before the wedding. Based on my charts and such I'm in my 8th week but I have yet to see a doctor so I'm waiting for their date input. I'm really greatful to be going through this whole process, even if my DH smile every time I run to the kitchen to get a snack.

see you soon!
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I'm Lori
This is my first pregnancy
EDD August 18, 2008
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