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I'm Kim. I have one daughter Karmyn born 8-2006, so am looking fwd to 2 little ones 2 years apart. I found mothering last year when I was researching MMR vaccine, and I have been hooked since, mostly LEARNING by reading. It's amazing how much one didn't know...

With my first I was induced at 40 weeks 5 days just because I was 'overdue' and I think for OB convenience.

This one will be in the hospital, but I will go on my own, and am researching all I can about natural childbirth. My biggest obstacle is my DH who saw how the epidural made me so relaxed and in no pain and wants me to go that route again so he won't have to 'see' me in pain!!
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Is this where I introduce myself?

My name is Cynthia, I've been married for about a year and a half. I'm Christian (Quaker) and my husband is Muslim. I am an artist by profession, though I haven't been working very hard over the past few months! We currently live in Berkeley, Ca -- we moved here from Brooklyn NY in October of 07.

I had a miscarriage back in August of 07, but this pregnancy is healthy so far, thank God.

My due date is 8-24-08

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Hi I am new here & this is my first post! My name is Erin & I live in Toronto Ontario in Canada! I have a 10 year old boy who was born by c/s after 36 hours of labour...blah blah blah ~needless to say I was very disapointed & heartbroken b/c I was hoping for a homebirth...anyhoo I am now expecting baby # 2 August 10/11 and am planning a hbac (home birth after c/s) and am getting very excited!!!
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hi, new here too! Did the mothering board with 1st baby and it was so fun! Due August 16th. Finding out on Monday what it is!! Live in Florida with my hubby and son Stephen, sahm and love every minute.... except for the first 4 months of this preg when i was sick as a dog!!
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new to the group!

Hi! my name is bethany. i'm 23, married to todd, 32, and we have one amazing son named connor, 18 months. we currently live in rockford, il. but in about a month we are moving back to the phoenix, az area.

my original due date was august 13th, but i was given the option of pushing it back to the 17th, so i did in hopes of not having to worry about being pushed into induction if that becomes an issue.

we are finding out the gender of this baby mostly because if it's a girl then i can stock up on some girl stuff and the rest of our kiddos can be surprises. so we are hoping for a girl only for that reason! we plan on 4 or 5 kids but whatever we are blessed with makes us happy! we find out the gender on march 31st.

i'm excited to talk to other mommies and share this wonderful experience again!
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I am Nik(22), wife to Chris(24), with our first baby on the way! We've named her Evelyn Rose and we are both AMPED and STOKED. She is due very close to our first anniversary.

Prior to baby making, I was a chemist (specifically NMR spectroscopist), I am focusing my creative energy now into writing which was my dream as a very young child and also more agreeable to my new SAHM lifestyle!

We are planning a home birth with a midwife, breastfeeding and cloth diapering the old-fashioned way.
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hi, I'm Katie> due 8-8-08. this is # 3 and second planned HBAC.
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Hello my name is Enith and I am due July 30 but since my last pregnancies were never on time I know I will be having an August baby This is my third pregnancy. I didn't know this post was here so I posted an intro here.

glad to be here
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Oops, somehow I never made it onto this list. I was so nervous I would have a m/c that I think I avoided it!.
CAn you add me, this will be #2 EDD 8/25
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I've been lurking, and now I'm joining. My "official" due date is August 22.
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Hi all, I'm Shawna, I live in Augusta, Maine with my DH. We have 2 dogs, 2 cats, fish and a turtle. I'm due August 9 with our first kidlet. I have had 2 miscarriages early in previous pregnancies and I'm so happy this baby is a Keeper. Currently I'm a stay at home incubator because my doctor didn't want me lifting people and stuff, I'm a CNA. I love anything Crafty related, sewing, knitting, etc. And now that i'm not lifting people all day I'm busy Moving furniture to get the baby's room together.
Because of my diabetes, we are going to be having a hospital birth. I want to keep things drug free and natural. However I have an open mind and will do what I have to do to get my baby here safely.
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Well I haven't posted here in a long time but here goes... was a big MDC fan when my first was born and eight years later I'm having #2. 20wk U/S shows a healthy girl and we couldn't be more happy (okay DS did want a brother ). We live in the SF Bay Area (near Berkeley) but hope to move sometime next year; we're not really city folk. Looking forward to getting to know you all!
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Hello there!

I've also been lurking here a little while (since I found out I was pregnant) and this is my first post!

My name is Eden and I am a raw & living foods chef (uncooked, unprocessed vegan deliciousness) and I am currently involved in developing a live foods program for a detox & wellness center here in West Hartford, CT (among many other things) I am also an artist, crafter, and I love working with children. I love whipping up raw chocolate delights, being in Nature, reading, poetry, eating mangoes naked, finding the magic in all life, that sort of thing...

I am very happily (un)married to my amazing, loving partner who is studying digital film right now, and who eats all raw too! (He did before I even met him!) He's also an incredible musician! He is my most wonderful friend and love.

We are expecting our first little babe somewhere around August 21st. We have a midwife and are planning a homebirth. I originally wanted to have an unassisted birth, but we at least have the midwife for the prenatal care & support - and she is very open to this birth being whatever way we would like it to be - she is wonderful!

We definitely do everything as natural and organic as possible. Living in harmony with the Earth, with Nature, and listening to our body-mind-spirit is very important to me. And also seeing the beauty that exists within all things and within each one of us...

This pregnancy has been great so far! Sometimes I can't believe it's really happening, but I know that no matter what, we will be fine - we're really excited!!!

Sorry that was a bit long-winded... I'm looking forward to getting to know some of you lovely gals on here in the next few months!
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Due Aug 26 but csection scheduled for Aug 22

Hello everyone! My name is Angie. I have a daughter that will be 16 August 30th and i am due to have my second child, a boy Jeramy Dean on Aug 22 by c section. I am a Navy wife and my hubby is deployed right now and will not be able to be here for the birth. This is his first child and he is so happy, yet so sad he won't see him personally untill he is about 6 weeks old. He treats my daughter as his own. You know men, esp when they find out they are having that boy to play football with and to teach how to fish. When i found out it was a boy, he called that night and by the time he called it was April 1 and after him asking about Brittany, i said are you ready to go pick out that football uniform? he said for what i said well you are gonna have a son. and he said " no way, april fools day right?", i said no, i am serious and he screamed across the ship that he is gonna have a soon, or i guess i shall say we. It was wonderful, i felt that i could actually see and feel his happiness. I have gotten angry a few times, like when i was putting Baby Jeramy Dean's clothes in his dresser, i started bawling and thought, i should not have to do this alone. See we had been trying for 2 years to conceive and it just did not work and once we quit trying because we knew he would be deploying (WE just joined the Navy last year and found out about deployment in Nov), we were not trying and that is when it happened lol. We are from Michigan, and i had just got to Washington, Dec 1 and they say i got pg that 1st week here lol, i guess the fresh water and the fact of being away from each other for so long through boot camp and a school, our bodies, seemed to finally connect, lol. So that is my story in a nutshell, starting over 16 years later and doing it alone as my hubby is fighting for all our freedom. also i have had some weird dreams lol, about beer and i do not even like beer. And that i am going to go in labor before my csection and have to have an emergency one.
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Hi all! I'm Laura, and I live in Colorado with Dan, my wonderful husband of 7 mos. We live with my 14 y.o. son from my first marriage, whom Dan has pretty much considered to be his son since we started dating 3 yrs ago. We started TTC in July '07, and in December got the fabulous news that we had succeeded ! It made for a wonderful holiday present. My son's excited, and is hoping for a brother. When I reminded him that there's a 50% chance this will be a girl, he commented that she'll just have to be a tomboy.

I used to be a SAHM, and would love to be able to return to that, but for now, I'm going to have to be content with working outside the home 20 hrs a week, instead of the full-time I'm doing now. I also unschool, and plan to continue that with our lil' To Be as well. We're a Feingold family, and it, along with my job at Whole Foods, has really opened our eyes to eating better, healthier, and wiser, and not believing everything the FDA, and other governmental agencies tries to get us to believe.

As far as religion goes... I'm pagan, DH believes in a higher spirit of some sort, and our son is asking questions and learning what he can. We live as green as we can, and are trying to reduce our footprint, honoring Nature and caring for Her as best we can, so that she'll be there for To Be's grandchildren.
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I'm Veronica and I have been married for 5 years to Aqeel who is a university student. I have two daughters. One is Yasmeen who is 3 1/2 who was born by c/s on November 23, and Tamara who was born by vbac on November 24 lol. Thank goodness this baby will be born in a different month. I am a SAHM , and though I do go crazy sometimes I don't regret it.
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Hey, I am Carla, mom to 4 little people and expecting #5 around Aug 19. I used to hang out around here several years ago, but am coming back now to chat with some like minded Mamas.
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Hi! I'm Elizabeth and I am due the 16 ish with mystery baby number 4. We live in the Bay Area outskirts. I have a great husband and three wonderful kids and four new baby chicks that we are so excited about! I'm glad to be here!
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I'm Kelly, married to Brandon for just over 4 years; momma to a very energetic 3 year old (I'm so tired... lol)!

Due August 22ish with baby 2, a girl: Rachael. Yes, we like Rs.

Currently living in Okinawa, Japan, but moving back to the USA at the end of the year. That's going to be fun with a newborn
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Hi fellow Aug. mommies! Thought I would check in over here. I'm Claire, and my dh and I are expecting our first babe sometime around the 24th of Aug. We're getting a boy, and are very excited about that! We live in Fayetteville, NC. Dh is active duty USAF and just returned from deployment in Afghanistan. We are trying to plan for as natural a birth as possible in the hospital on base.
Hope everyone is doing well now that we're in the 3rd trimester!
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