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Originally Posted by westcoastmom View Post

How old was your son when you saw facial changes? How long did it take?

Did you also do cranial sacral therapy?

From 2-4 years, about a year for me to notice and 2 for me to be absolutely sure. No on the CST. His palate is still rather high but the spacing looks great, we shall see what happens in the coming years...
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That's a lot less than is recommended in the vitamin K group. I wonder if they need a higher dosage to clear out the oxalates than is needed just to reverse cavities?
I _think_ all they did for their dosage recommendations was scale the 15mg 3x/day that was used in one (multiple?) osteoporosis studies in Japan. That amount was used for several years without noticeable (well, reported) negative side effects.

Thanks for doing the calculations, that's interesting.
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o.k., I just did a search and thorne's is very$$...anybody know why ?
or have a source for a lower price. I was thinking about getting for ds, since he is allergic to soy and this one is synthetic.
Any other good brands that are not from soy?
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carlson's is cheaper than thorne's, but it's capsules rather than liquid

more food sources of K1, MK-4, and MK-7 (Japanese data):

according to them, raw egg yolks are the best source (64mcg/100g), followed by raw chicken thighs (27mcg) and then butter (21mcg).
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Gilla, it's really expensive, but there's a lot in one jar. We're using about 15 drops a day (3 people, but I think I'm going to cut back soon) and the first container is lasting about 2 months. Not sure how that compares to the dosage/amount for the Carlson's product, but I like being able to control the dosage so easily.

Interesting how much variation there is between egg samples. The USDA data was about half that much.
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help with dosing!

I have a bottle of Life Extension Super K with Advanced K2 Complex. Here is the breakdown:

Vitamin K1 9 mg
Vitamin Ks (as meanquinone-4) 1000 mcg
and nutri-K menaquinone-7)
What do I need to take/day for health maintance?

I'm bad, really bad, with math (and story problems ) so I'm having trouble with conversions.

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I just wanted to comment that everyone here needs to be careful with your recommendations and dosing mg is not the same as mcg and as far as vit K2 the recom dose for adults is around 200mcg. I saw some people talking about using K2 doses in mg not mcg those doses are very high! There is not much out there as far as recommendations for children either. Maybe there are some studies on using higher doses for treatment of something or cancer, but be very careful with such things that have not been studied much especially in children! Also vitamins A, D, E, K are fat soluble and you CAN overdose on them. So before you give anything to your children you need to ask a doctor or a naturopathic doctor to get more information.
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