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That was tough and scary. A couple of months ago, I sent (email) dh a mountain of information about circ for him to read. Ds is circed, and I regretted it from the minute it was done. But we won't go there. Anyway, I finally got up the gumption to talk to him about it, and he's on board for no-circ.

I'm so relieved. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
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That's so great! Glad that he's on board with you
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That's great that he's on board!
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Wonderful news!!!!
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Woo hoo - Great news!
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That's great. I don't know what I would have done if my husband had disagreed with me. It would have been a foot puttin' down moment I think.
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I know that relief--although I had to really really go at it with DH for my first, in the end, he's intact. I'm so very glad mama!
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That is great!
Our bradley instructor convinced both of us when we attended classes when I was pregnant with ds2.I circed ds1 out of ignorange and I wanted to to do so many things different with ds2 so the new information was welcomed by dp and I both. I am so glad that we see eye to eye on that issue and I didnt need to do any convincing.
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I'm still working on my DH So far, nothing has worked. :cry: I told him I would not sign consent, schedule it (we're Homebirthing), or help him find a doc.
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Thats great, Finch!
It is a huge relief to know that your dh is on the same wavelength when it comes to something you believe in so much.
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It's good you managed to find the time to talk to him...now you can let that weight go! I really think you are making the right decision!

My dh is intact and would never ever consider circ, so I am really lucky there were no fights there...we just fight about other things
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Originally Posted by wearbaby View Post
I'm still working on my DH So far, nothing has worked. :cry: I told him I would not sign consent, schedule it (we're Homebirthing), or help him find a doc.
Oh, mama. I'm sorry. What I did was I emailed a bunch of info to my dh, mainly from medical sources and from Men's Health magazine (he's a no-emotion based decisions kind of man, logic only), then just let it lie for a couple of months (literally...I sent him the stuff way back in October) for him to digest, never bringing it up.

That gave him time to read it on his own time, not have me hanging over his shoulder, and let him digest it. My dh is an engineer, so I knew this was the approach to take with him. If it makes you feel ANY better, my dh was totally opposed to not circing this baby in the beginning, he had the whole "their penises must match" hangup because ds1 is circ. I was really discouraged. He came around by me just handing him some factual information and leaving him alone.
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I'm so glad! I would highly suggest the Penn and Teller show for those w/ reluctant DH's. I made my DH do his own research on it, and watch the P&T show on circ., We won't be circing our boys either.
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Yay for relief!
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That's wonderful that you have such an open minded DH! Some fellas are really set in their ways about circ, especially when they are circ'd themselves! Great news though!!
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Congrats, Finch! That's great news and must be a huge load off your shoulders.
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i'm glad it worked out for you. our ds is also circed, but we will not be having it done this time. i thought dh would put up a huge fight, but he really didn't he protested for about 30 seconds and then was like okay. i'm glad it worked out for you too.
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